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FACTRIX was a pioneering experimental/Industrial music group from San Francisco circa 1978-'82 who formed from the ashes of another seminal post-punk act, MINIMAL MAN.

Frequent collaborators included Monte Cazazza, Ruby Ray (visuals/projectionist), Tana Emmolo-Smith, Survival Research Labs/SRL (Mark Pauline, Matt Heckert), and Minimal Man (Patrick Miller).

Factrix is essential listening for fans of Throbbing Gristle, early-Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, SPK, NON, Wolf Eyes, and anyone interested in the origins of Industrial music.

Members: Bond Bergland, Cole Palme, Joseph T. Jacobs

Has recorded with others as: Factrix/Cazazza; Factrix Cazazza.

Founding Members of: Saqqara Dogs (Bond Bergland); OHM-A-Revelator, Spirit Gun (Cole Palme)

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