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Michael We.

Entweder / Oder mit SOLBLOT

Die Schweden über den Euro, Atomenergie und die Monarchie...

Entweder / Oder mit SOLBLOT
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Based on your name: sun or moon?

Sun, obviously! Besides, the moon is well represented elsewhere.

Euro or krona?

Krona. We do like our fellow europeans, but a great deal of them doesn’t seem to be the type you would trust with your hard-earned savings. And going abroad wouldn’t have the same exotic feel to it if you could actually buy things with regular money.
King CARL XVI. GUSTAF or prime minister REINFELDT? In plain language: monarchy or democracy?

If we were to invite one of them to a party, it would definitely be His Majesty King Carl Gustaf. But from a political, moral and aesthetic point of view, the swedish monarchy has reached a dead end. Sadly, the same could be said about Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Hey, what’s wrong with Lisbeth Salander? But no, we prefer Sherlock Holmes. Bartitsu, violins and cocaine.

Your producer worked for several swedish bands, including two very famous: ROXETTE or THE CARDIGANS?

We tried to get hold of a producer who had worked with either Ace of Base or ABBA, but Roxette and Cardigans are probably better than nothing. So far, it doesn’t seem to boost our record sales the way we hoped it would, though.
Mead or beer?

Mead, if served in a drinking horn. Otherwise we prefer beer. Or champagne.
In your fanshop, I could by a SOLBLOT thong. Otherwise, the people on your covers indulge in nudism. So: thong or naked?

Naked. But if the Solblot thong gained widespread popularity, things could be radically different...

Your lyrics are based on poems of VERNER VON HEIDENSTAM. Lyric or prose?

There is not a great amount of good lyric (or lyric at all) being written today, except in a musical context. This might be a natural development, most lyric gain a lot from being listened to instead of being read. But it’s safe to assume that in written form, each of us consume a lot more prose.
Sweden is one of the countries where the people discuss the energy policy as fervid as in germany. Nuclear power or renewable energy?

We are all in favor of sun, wind and water! But in reality, the considerations you have to make are a bit more complex. The Swedish state-owned power company, for instance, seems to have a large and long term interest in German coal plants. It is easy to be a bit less enthusiastic about that.

You publish your album in different sizes: Vinyl disc or compact disc?

We prefer the good old vinyl, as it makes every single copy more or less unique. On CD the digital content is exactly the same on every disc. Of course, if we didn’t have to make any other considerations we would have preferred to release the album on 78 rpm shellac discs. Maybe next time...

Musically, you make yourself scarce. What do you like more, stage or studio?

All songs we have released so far have originally been written for live performance, with a very limited number of instruments. The songs on the new album is a bit more elaborated, but they should in any case be experienced live, as a great part of the dynamics and energy is lost on record. That being said, we do have ambivalent attitudes toward the stage. The studio is no doubt a less stressful experience, but all for the sake of art!

Michael We. für nonpop.de

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