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21-07-2009, 17:42 | Roy L.

Psychedelicfolk.com sucht private Sponsoren

Das umfangreiche Netzarchiv des belgischen Radio DJs und Psych-Folk Connaisseurs Gerald van Waes steht kurz vor dem Aus und wirbt nun um 45 private Sponsoren, die mit einem Unkostenbeitrag von 10 Euro das Projekt am Leben erhalten können.
Die Seite ist das Ergebnis jahrelanger Arbeit, Sammelleidenschaft und mühselig zusammengetragener Informationen und bietet gerade Neueinsteigern einen hilfreichen, gut sortierten Einblick in den sonst so unüberschaubaren Acid-/Psych-/Prog- und Wyrd-Folk Kosmos weltweit von den 1960ern bis heute.

Aus der NewBrutonTown-Mailingliste:

psychedelicfolk.com on danger

Each year I face the problem that I can only afford to maintain the webpages with a few sponsors. The few webshops that took care of 2/3 of my costs cancelled this year, so I am left with the bill of 600 dollars which I need to pay now. It will be really the last year I can survive like this, although I am not sure if I really can. I can cancel the account any time if I can no longer afford it, but I want to maintain the site as long as I can, but I need at least some help. I have a suggestion. Those who love the site, I must tell them you can't count the times that I have spend 10 or more euros to get items on the pages, or the time I worked for it. If you think it's worth the efford for you, please become an official member/sponsor for 10 euros a year. If I can find 45 members I have my costs covered. If I do I will do something special for these members only. It could be providing good quality downloads of certain shows or something else. I might even send a real drawing to one of the members etc. I will make it worth helping. On the webpages are included now some guest books where you add some comments, and explanations how to become a member. I hope some people agree. I have already one member now, and one promise to become one.


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