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30-04-2009, 00:43 | Michael We.


Hier der Auszug aus dem aktuellen Newsletter. NONPOP-Besprechung von sue30 und sue33 folgt!

sue30 Llovespell "last breath before light" CD/46 min./lim. 330/13,-eur
the new album: 9 new chances for you to breathe the dark red and deep mood once again. some quiet corridors leading into rotating chambers and saloons covered with silk and sadness (...and maybe yo'll find also some sweet strawberries there...). a unique piece: get enchanted, get hallucinated. you can listen to one new track ("blue book of hope") at http://www.myspace.com/llovespell. comes in a beautiful bordeaux red cover (white printing).
sue33 Antlers Mulm "filth in several styles - alternative sparks" CD/73 min./lim. 330/13,50eur
the new album: 13 interpretations of songs from "of withered sparks". the source tracks are sometimes hardly to locate, but you'll find a way... beside the works of A.M. there are brilliant rmxs/versions made by Fir§t Law, Fjernlys, the High Tide Technology and Llovespell. you can listen to these four tracks at http://www.myspace.com/antlersmulm (there are also some of the new A.M.-tracks at myspace). comes in black cover (white/orange printing) and a very small number in a dark blue cover.
sue34h second edition

because of the unexpected request for sue34h "sue11hangover" Sue launches a second edition of this release. it cames with a slightly different artwork and is limited to 33 copies (11,-eur).

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