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15-10-2008, 10:54 | Dominik T.



including complete discography udated till Summer 2008

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FULL-LENGHT Teatro Satanico live gig scheduled for next October 25th in Lisbon Portugal

At the next 25th of October 2008 the project Teatro Satanico will be present in Portugal for a unique concert happening at Casa de Lafões (http://casa-de-lafoes.org) in Lisbon, starting at 9.30 pm.

The opening of the show will be in the hands of VelgeNaturlig (http://www.myspace.com/velgenaturlig). The mix of industrial and natural tones explored since 1990 will be the starter for the rest of the evening, unleashing its sound manipulation aura over all of those who decide to be present at the event.

To make the night (even more) special, there will be the release of Chidakasha, a conceptual work which, throughout 3 tracks (original and previously unreleased) and of about 40 minutes of music, explores the perception of consciousness in our brain through the original presentation of Teatro Satanico. Released by HellOutro Enterprises (http://www.myspace.com/helloutro) with the reference number Outro002, it will be available in a professional CD in A5 format box, with colour printed graphics in a special edition limited to 333 copies.

The tickets for the event will cost 10€, available in the same day in Casa de Lafões. At that time will also be available Outro002 for the price of 10€.

For those who are interested it will be possible to acquire a pre-sale promotional package including the ticket to the event and the CD Chidakasha, for the price of 15€. You can also acquire the ticket previous to the date for 8€. Reservations can be made to the email address lurker@helloutro.org , instructions for payment to be provided afterwards.

In the next few days the official flyer for the event will be published. We are counting on your presence.

We thank in advance all the promotion everyone can make for the event and associated release.

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