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21-05-2008, 18:32 |

DARKTHRONE: Frostland Tapes 3CD Box

DARKTHRONE: Frostland Tapes 3CD Box

For the past 21 years Darkthrone have been leaders of the black metal scene. To coincide with this anniversary, Peaceville Records are releasing the 3CD set, Frostland Tapes in June, 2008. This is a fascinating trip into the earliest years of the band and the first official release ever to contain all 4 of Darkthrone's demos in one place.

Frostland Tapes also includes a rare live recording from Denmark in 1990 (one of only a handful of live appearances that Darkthrone has ever made) and, perhaps most significantly, the previously unreleased version of the infamous 1991 Goatlord rehearsal session.

These songs were intended to feature on the proposed second album, before the band changed direction and the tapes were confined to the vaults. Vocals were subsequently added in the mid-nineties, but they are presented here as the recording sounded in 1991 – instrumental genius, showing the complexity and intricacy of a band with a great future ahead of them.

The set comes in a rigid digibook featuring an interview with the band, chronicling their early days, ambitions and inspirations.

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