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05-05-2008, 13:12 | Dominik T.

SEGERHUVA - Power Electronics Neuheiten

Good morning all -

We have three new products available now - happy to say these became a pure power electronics/industrial tag team, should be something for the real sick ones we have here. Pictures can be seen at our webpage!

[seger 23]
IRM indications of nigredo 12"

On the theme of alchemy and the topics of shame vs. bodily self infliction, IRM makes way for a new start after the inspired “Virgin Mind” double-disc set from 2005. These are new recordings with the new member Mikael Oretoft joining on bass. Two long tracks - the first being an intense up-building, deep pulsating number with both spoken and rough vocals, volcanic exaggerated bass noise and doom-laden atmosphere. The second more of an aftermath with its downspiralling, almost dreamy character of echoing tones, ripping clangs and chilling audio-schmerz. In total over 23 minutes of music in a glossy colour sleeve with gross artwork and a small insert. Edition of 500 copies.

Price 10 EURO.

[seger 24]
RJF greater success in apprehension & convictions CD

"The most extreme and outstanding music from Sweden. Desire, despair, disgust, destruction & death - The Sound of RJF. This is the real thing, no false grace or hypocrisy. RJF get their inspiration from the sickness of mankind. This is not about music, this is survival and fighting back. A cock down the throat of morality. A knife in the back of society. RJF create their own values. Control & Knowledge."
>From the original 1983 press release. We might not have put it as poetic but when we found the old press release we couldn't resist the beauty of the text.

The sounds on this disc drag you all the way back to the chilly gutters of early 80's fierce electronics. Menacing and mechanical noises, grating rhythms pick on your nerve endings, this is a sinister reminder that something was alive back then, something that is missing now.

This CD-reissue of the old LP has been re-mastered from vinyl since the master tapes are missing and is packaged in a 12-page booklet A5 sleeve with lots of pictures, liner notes by Kristian Olsson and original art made by Leif Thuresson. Edition of 500 copies.

A little write up from Karmanik of Brighter Death Now/CMI:
"This is a must for anyone into industrial music and with a bit of nostalgic feeling - this was a cult release already when it came out 1983 - if you are into Lille Roger or early days of Brighter Death Now then you should definitely have this one - even though Lustmord, TG and SPK had a lot of influence on me - this LP, being Swedish and all, also made its trick when I recorded some of the Lille Roger stuff. A truly recommendation!"

Price 10 EURO.

[seger 25]
WHITE tormented TAPE

Chucking aside everything that could be perceived as being in "good taste", Dan Johansson (Sewer Election) here unbuttons his sweaty shirt, slaps a roughie in the VCR, and proceeds to get properly down and dirty. Not that good taste was ever something prominent in the works of Sewer Election, but this basement-reeking recording takes Dan's filth obsessions to a whole new level. Post-Mortem music was always a great outlet for sleaze/debasement/vulgarity, but it seems like a lot of folks have missed that particular point. Luckily for you, Dan has his mind in the gutter, and his tools ready for action. If you are aching for some proper lascivious noise debauchery, this one's for you.

Keep the Crisco jar within reach.

Edition of 150 copies in ordinary jewelcase with j-card. NOTE! This title will only be available from us - no other distributors will stock it.

Price 6 EURO.

Take advantage of our package deal 30 EURO for all three including postage anywhere in the world! This offer is available for a limited time.

Paypal: segerhuva@yahoo.com

Please take a look at our website for more Segerhuva titles and a smaller mailorder section which also is updated now.

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