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25-01-2008, 21:45 | Dominik T.

Neuigkeiten von CURRENT 93, NURSE WITH WOUND u.a.

25 January 2008

Current 93: April 2008 European shows with Æthenor, Baby Dee, Rickie Lee Jones, Om and Skitliv

Current 93 are delighted to announce a small series of European shows in a build-up to the release of their new album ‘Anok Pe: Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain’. Also appearing with Current 93 will be some of the artists I love the most, and whose presence on our short outing honours me greatly. The second night of the shows in Moscow and Berlin—those of 12 and 14 April, respectively, will feature Current 93 performing material from their early Birth-Canal Blues albums, NATURE UNVEILED and DOGS BLOOD RISING.

Note: please contact the individual venues for ticket sales



Wed 9 Apr: Energy of Sound, Wroclaw, Poland with Rickie Lee Jones

Fri 11 Apr: Ikra, Moscow, Russia with Rickie Lee Jones

Sat 12 Apr: Ikra, Moscow, Russia with Baby Dee

Sun 13 Apr: Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany with Rickie Lee Jones

Mon 14 Apr: Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany with Skitliv

Thu 17 Apr: Le Printemps de Bourges, Bourges with Baby Dee and Rickie Lee Jones

Sun 20 Apr: Roadburn festival, Tilburg, The Netherlands with Æthenor, Baby Dee, Om and Rickie Lee Jones

Mon 21 Apr: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK with special guest vocalist Marc Almond. With Baby Dee and Om


ÆthenorMarc Almond Baby DeeRickie Lee Jones OmSkitliv


Michael Cashmore to guest with Marc Almond and Current 93 at London QEH show 21 April 2008

I am very delighted to announce that Michael Cashmore will be appearing at the Current 93/Baby Dee/Om show at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on April 21 to play with our special guest vocalist Marc Almond.


Marc Almond with Michael Cashmore: ‘Gabriel and the Lunatic Lover’ CD EP

Marc Almond and Michael Cashmore have just finished a 2 track CD EP, ‘Gabriel and the Lunatic Lover’, setting two poems by Count Stenbock to music. This will be first available to purchase at the Current 93 and Friends show in London on 21 April mentioned above. The CD is presented in a full colour digipak with spectacular colour paintings of Marc on the cover, with a full colour booklet with the text to both poems and credits.


Now online: official MySpace site for Current 93

Current 93 now have an official site on MySpace: myspace.com/current93


Subscriptions for Current 93 Anokpe ‘Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain’

We wish to give a big thank you to those who have already supported the recording of ‘ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN’. We have had quite a number of enquiries, so we wish to clarify that this subscription edition is for the album on CD only and not for the album on vinyl. The vinyl edition will be released some time after the release of the album on CD, just as with ‘Black Ships Ate the Sky’.


‘Nature Unveiled’ and ‘Dogs Blood Rising’ remastered with bonus CD containing Andrew Liles’ remixes of the entire albums


The next two reissues from Durtro Jnana will be the seminal two first albums by C93, NATURE UNVEILED and DOGS BLOOD RISING. The first 1000 copies of the CDs will come with a bonus CD consisting of Andrew Liles’ radical and beautiful remixes of each album. We hope to add these to the Durtro and Jnana shops in late February. They will also be available from Andrew Liles at www.andrewliles.com.


Nurse With Wound: Two Shaves and a Shine remix project CD


This title will shortly be available to order from Jnana Records. It will NOT be available from Durtro.

Steven Stapleton writes:

A couple of years ago David Tibet and I were moochin’ around the Virgin record store in Glasgow. David was patiently waiting for me as at that time I was feverishly into female MCs and I wanted to study the sleeves of all the CDs in the shop’s hip-hop section. “You’re on this,” he said, tapping me on the shoulder with a dance compilation in his hand, and sure enough, there it was: Nurse With Wound: Two Shaves and a Shine—remixed. So, somewhat surprised by this discovery I purchased a copy and promptly got in touch with the label who led me on a merry song and dance for over six months until I gave up, neither sending any copies or paying any royalties.

The one thing they did give me was the idea of remixing ‘Two Shaves’, so when I was considering the extra material for the upcoming reissue of ‘An Awkward Pause’ (which had been out of print since the collapse of World Serpent Distribution several years back), the concept of supplying the essential ingredients of drums/bass/guitar and giving everybody a chance to fuck with the track and make their own versions really appealed to me. ‘El Duderino’ Mark Logan of Jnana then came up with the stroke of genius: a remix competition, open to everybody; first prize the original artwork from the front cover of this album.

For three months, on my car stereo, I listened to over a hundred versions. I listened to them anonymously, not knowing who the remixers were, judging them on their own quirks and musical merits. It was so difficult to choose the versions that appear on this compilation as all entries were intriguing and full of cranky invention. Eventually I honed it down to these gems. Taken as a whole it’s quite an intense ride, especially as all the tracks are crossfaded into one mightly mother of a jam—enjoy!

Steven Stapleton, Cooloorta, November 07

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