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08-02-2006, 12:46 |

Megaptera - Disturbance Ritual

Megaptera - Disturbance Ritual

Ein Livealbum des Schweden erscheint Ende Februar/Anfang März über die amerikanische Plattenfirma Vendlus Records. Das Album wird eine Länge von 38 Minuten haben und im Jewelcase erscheinen. Die Aufnahmen stammen von einem Konzert in Kristiansand in Norwegen vom sechsten Juli 2005.

Gespielt wurden damals:

More Disturbance, Sleep, Shadow Land, Don't Desecrate the Dead und Final Day

Aus dem Infotext:

"Megaptera - the Moby Dick of the industrial scene -
rises again from the murky depths where it was biding
its time during last year's prolific release campaign
by its alter ego, Negru Voda. Like the legendary white
whale of the novel, Megaptera is a beast of mythical
proportions, a bastion within the Cold Meat Industry
circles, but while 2006 marks its 15th anniversary it
will also be the year when it finally lays down for
the eternal sleep. The mission is terminated - but what
better way to honor the memory of the departed than
with a powerful live statement? "Disturbance Ritual"
has everything that 1998's "Live In Rostock" lacked:
a track listing that reads like a best-of collection,
supreme engineering and mastering qualities, and
not least an edition that will allow more than a chosen
few to grab a copy. Those who never had the chance
to attend a Megaptera concert are here invited to
share the experience; to witness how the live version
of the songs are enhanced by additional film samples
and improvised drum beats. Which was always the
very essence of Megaptera: a transcendental place
were the fictitious world of cinema and the drab
monotony of industrialized life blend together, if only
for the duration of an album."

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