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04-01-2006, 14:45 |

Großes Festival mit Gae Bolg, Hekate, Clair Obscur usw !

Ein Riesenfestival für  den kommenden Mai kündigt sich an. Man beachte die gebuchten, teilweise sehr interessanten und lang vergessenen Künstler, wie:

Shock Headed Peters (Karl Blake/Sol Invictus)

David Mellor (Ex - Sol Invictus)

Clair Obscur

Danielle Dax

usw. usf.


05. - 08- Mai, 2006.



Restl. Info siehe Text.

The nice people of the association "Le Chantier", with the help of Cynfeirdd as well as the Gaë Bolg crew, are happy to announce their first independent and friendly music festival called "Le 1er Chantier Musical".
This festival will take place the
5-6-7-8th of may 2006
at the nice venue "Le Chantier", 24 rue Hénard, 75012 Paris, FRANCE.

This festival will invite during 4 days many bands (for many of them, their first time in Paris!), players and music lovers and will mix a large variety of style, music and people.

Friday the 5th of may will be a classical music day only with, amongst others (the complete program is to come later), the interpretation of the opera "Der Freischütz" of Carl Maria von Weber, with the ONCF orchestra conducted by... the maestro Gaë Bolg!

For Friday the 6th, Saturday the 7th and Monday the 8th, the bands invited are:

- GAË BOLG for 2 different sets on 2 different days!!! The first set will be a "normal" set (with video and dances, as usual!), the second one will be a completely different megalomaniac set interpreted by the band, soloists, choir and orchestra, around 100 people on stage!!!

- CLAIR OBSCUR with orchestra!!! The famous French cult band is back with the orchestra of "Le Chantier"!!!

- VON MAGNET with a wind orchestra!!! A special creation for this occasion from this also famous French cult band!!!

- DANIELLE DAX, the famous underground diva for the first time solo in France!!!

- SHOCK HEADED PETERS, the return of this famous English cult band after some years of silence

- EVIL TWIN (ftg Karl Blake!), for the first time in France

- THE AMAL GAMAL ENSEMBLE, the new band of Steven Thrower of Coil!!!

- SEVEN PINES, for a new acoustic set

- HEKATE, the great German live band (who play sometimes with Gaë Bolg), for the first time in France

- LEISUR HIVES, the band of Maria Wellansz (who play violin in Sol Invictus)

- DAVID MELLOR, (ex Sol Invictus) the return of this major English artist after many years of silence

- RICHARD MOULT, this multi-talented artist (he's also painter) have been discovered by David Tibet (Current 93) who consider him as one of the major artist of our time!

- DER BEKANNTE POST-INDUSTRIELLE TRUMPETER, this project of Flavio Rivabella (Mushroom's Patience) is certainly one of the most excited post-industrial project from Italy

- ARKKON, the solo project of David Knight (Lydia Lunch, Shock Headed Peters...), also for the first time in France

- HIDE AND SEEK, the French romantic pop-folk from Paris

- ORAISON, the neo-folk band form the south

- PILORI, the well-known romantic neo-folk band from Germany

- 2 WORLDS COLLIDE, the new and enthusiastic project of Clive Giblin (Alternative TV, Sol Invictus...)

- LE CHIENDENT, the dance company who have accompanied the Gaë Bolg Live Band during our last dates. They will do 3 creations (1 each day!) with friends and guests!!!

In addition to those bands, the chill out room will also received during the 3 days many chamber and vocal (classical) music recitals. And of course, good food, wine, and beer will be available during all the festival!!!

The complete program with all the details will be edited soon (expect around 7 bands each day). Of course, we'll inform you.

If you buy your ticket in advance, the price for the 4 days of the festival will be 58 Euros.

(Or, if you prefer to come only 1 or 2 days, the prices will be:

- Friday 5th of May: 10 Euros

- Saturday 6th of May: 24 Euros

- Sunday 7th of May: 24 Euros

- Monday 8th of May: 24 Euros)

Complete infos on the web soon.

You can reserve your places now (just send me an email!). Payment on line through paypal will be possible when the website page will be operative.


The new Gaë Bolg album called "Requiem" will be released early may for the festival and of course, will be available there. Like for "Aucassin et Nicolette", it'll be released by Auerbach/Prophecy.

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