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21-06-2016, 08:13 | Michael We.


Eines unserer NONPOP-Lieblingslabels TREUE UM TREUE / REUE UM REUE hat eine Reihe von neuen Veröffentlichungen angekündigt, die wir Euch hier in Gänze wiedergeben:


C77 professional Chrome Plus tape – silk screened transparent blue shell – 3-panel J-card – in norelco case - lim. edition of 100 copies

About 14 years ago Marc P. Schaffer and Orpheo Weidelt-Baur from SOLITUDE FX met at weekends and started jamming around with their beloved synthesizers. On this first of two volumes in the "Synthesizer Session" series they merely used two Korg Poly-61 and a Roland TR-808, played almost everything by hand, drinking lots of beer, thus creating 9 magnificent instrumental neo-romantic synth-wave epics, highly representative of that strange but beautiful turn of the millennium. Included here are two tracks from a 2003 jam session (including the brilliant "Huginn and Muninn" which has been haunting us for more than a decade). File under: dreamy night-driving tunes.


C60 professional Chrome Plus tape – silk screened transparent shell – 4-panel J-card – in norelco case - lim. edition of 100 copies

(cendres) is the first proper long player in seven years from the Breton drone lord and finds NATURE MORTE attempting an even bleaker and more eschatological sound. The shadowy and ominous music unwinds languorously, leading the way through some deep dark and fearful passage. Here and then in the midst of all that crepuscular fogginess some sweetly mournful and hypnotic melodies shed a dim light on what once was. Everything beloved and familiar has been reduced to ashes and the sinister cinematic drones act like a psychopomp guiding the listener through the desolate wasteland. Until accomplishment is reached and the journey begins anew. Featuring Thierry Jolif of LONSAI MAÏKOV on one track.


C42 professional Chrome Plus tape – silk screened transparent blue shell – 4-panel J-card – in norelco case - lim. edition of 100 copies

After the excellent "Paradies" CD out last year on Zoharum, our favorite lamenting troubadour is back on reel with the grooviest and also saddest NIEDOWIERZANIE album to date. On "Je ne suis pas là, je ne suis pas mort" ( "I'm not here, I'm not dead") the sun drenched mal de vivre, the mediterranean despair and bohemian misery reaches unchartered heights, inviting the listener to joyfully swing along over the debris of a mislead existence. Punchy rhythm machines and swag synth basslines collide with washed out mandoline chords and swirling accordion, urban modernity encounters folklore, east meets west... This is where all antagonisms join in the cheery carousel of exasperation.


C54 professional Chrome Plus tape – silk screened red shell – 3-panel J-card – in norelco case - lim. edition of 60 copies

Torn between religious traditionalism and contemporary subculture, between ultra-orthodoxy and hyper-modernity, this first chapter of HAREDI's musical journey pushes the limits of ambivalence that far, that it might well be the most alienating music you've ever encountered. Jittery eighties drum machines programmed in hipster trap fashion, squelching basslines and crazy tangled synthesizer melodies build up to an enchanting diasporic lament, an amalgam of hymns for the fervently righteous and zealously swag. By times grieving and weeping, meditating and charming, by times energetic, passionate, so full of life, emotionally effusive and celebratory. File under: new millenium Pizmonim, spaced out Nigun & or ultra-orthodox dance music.

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