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03-12-2015, 09:23 | Michael We.

IN GOWAN RING ausgeraubt

Bei einem kurzen Stop mit dem Bandbus sind IN GOWAN RING ausgeraubt worden, es wurden einige Instrumente geklaut. Hier die Story von B'EE persönlich:

Over one month ago now, towards the end of tour (on precisely October 23rd) in the midst of a severe sleep deprivation spell shortly after we arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden, at midday (13hrs) our tour van was broken into while it was in the parking lot in front of Gunhild’s apartment.  We’d left it less than an hour while some of us slept and others went for errands. The break in was obviously a quick operation with broken glass scattered on the side of the lot and in the van.  They took what was closest at hand, precisely that which was most valuable to us and which had the least likelihood of generating any kind of profit for them:  The Green Pear Guitar, the recent built Green travel harp, the bass and treble bowed psalteries built specially for tour, and Gunhild’s Recorders (well, they could get some money for those actually).  Left in the van were all the monetisably liquifiable equipment such as the PA, amplifiers, microphones. We’ll “these things happen” – yes, a hard lesson regarding one’s vigilance, though surely not among the greatest losses one is necessarily going to have in one’s lifetime.

Since I was a child performing in theater the stage cliché “The Show Must Go On” was a truism that was ingrained in me.  There’s always crazy things come up around the stage: injuries, fights, emotional catastrophes, lost or broken props.  “The Show Must go On”…  self-evident really, but a useful adage to conjure all the  pathos of the warrior-thespian spirit in times of tribulation. At that moment in the parking lot amid the scattered green glass and broke open door, I was most concerned with getting the window repaired to some extent and getting on to the sound check at Amanda’s Theatre within some reasonable time frame so as not to delay the night’s concert unduly. An ersatz guitar was easy, we’d have to do that night without the harp, shift the arrangements a bit and do our best:  no time for excessive grievance, but fast thinking and action to move forward and do what must be done.  We still had 3 shows left of tour, and no matter what other innumerable events in the world beyond our control, “This Show Must Go On!”

And so it did, still sleep deprived, self-medicated with several cans of non-stolen beer and Nicklas’s curry, and with the precious help of the ‘Gothenburg Underground’ (THANKS: Hanna Eliasson, Anna Ekman, Barrie James Sutcliffe and Anita Van Doorn) , we carried everything in, set everything up, made sound check, & got it all together amidst a surreal sense of what I will only call “tenuousness”.

One pays for the stress, sleep deprivation and shock later, and also gains the rewards of a show done as well as possible and the loving appreciation of beautiful people, and truly a lovely, poignant evening in a fitting location, thanks to all the local help and everyone there, attending and proffering aid.

I’ve posted pictures here of the Green Pear Guitar (known as “Greeny” to some!) the harp and the other stolen instruments in case anyone feels like sharing them to friends in musician’s communities, shops etc., it’s a rather unique (and of course “one of a kind”!) instrument that I built in 2007. It’s, uh, shaped like a pear (or an avocado depending on your persuasion…) and it’s , um, green. In the sound-hole can be seen a Vesica Pisces which within reads “Lune Music 2007” along with my signature.  I don’t think anyone could possibly be able to appraise its value, though I’ve had compliments on its tonal characteristics by seasoned players :)

On With the New!

Well, I’m not waiting around for it to turn up – and I need a new instrument for upcoming obligations, contracts, projects… experiments!  And I don’t see myself playing a guitar that I haven’t built myself much any more than I have to.  The new instrument will be of a new design, I’ve got draft figures going - although it may not be as strange as some of my other instruments, I’m sure it will still stand out rather compared to classic guitar forms… well, we’ll see in the coming weeks!

Please note – though I do surely appreciate anyone and everyone’s condolences regarding the situation of losing this irreplaceable, best-sounding-and-playing-instrument-I’ve-ever-built-in-my-life guitar which was featured in many In Gowan Ring recordings (not least of which the recent "The Serpent and the Dove" album!), you can rest assured that I’m pretty much over any emotional attachment I had to the instrument (sniff, sniff) and am largely concerned now with getting on with a new acoustic stringed friend that I can use for the innumerable and multifarious projects bursting at their astral bridges to come into this world; a new friend that can accompany me in the following years – and, who knows? Maybe even an instrument I can grow old with…  If you can help me out financially to this end I will be ever grateful and lavish strange and unique gifts upon you as can be seen on the ‘perks’ listed.

Here’s to new seasons, new friends, new instruments, and new music!

There's custom instruments, custom recorded songs, and uncommon proposals on offer for those who donate. Contributions here: http://igg.me/at/GreenPearMemorial

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