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17-10-2014, 20:25 | Michael We.

BELÄTEN: Kostenlose VEIL OF LIGHT-EP zum Download!

Im Vorgriff auf die erste LP des hier schon oft vorgestellten Tape-Labels BELÄTEN gibt es nun eine kostenlose EP zum Download (siehe Link unten) mit einem Track von VEIL OF LIGHT und mehreren Remixen.

November 7th Beläten will release a two-fold debut: Our first vinyl, and also the debut album of Swiss gothgaze masters Veil of Light.

Today we give you the first taste of this magnificent album, in the form of Pale Eyes. Pale Eyes is available as a free, digital EP, where the title track is accompanied by no less than five remixes of songs off the album by such luminaries as Distel, Ghost Actor, ARM, S S S S, and Th. Tot.

At first Veil of Light might come across as cold. It’s an easy mistake to make, their grand gothgaze is certainly steeped in melancholy and desolation. But as you become enveloped in the crystalline synth swaths, the mechanical rhythms, and the screeching guitar feedback, you feel a oddly at ease. Comforted. Like pulling your coat tighter as you walk down a empty, rain-wet autumn street. 

Beläten is honored to welcome Veil of Light back into the fold, and to present our first vinyl release. Ξ is pressed on heavy, white vinyl, housed in a sturdy cardboard outer sleeve and a printed inner sleeve, and limited to 350 copies. Ξ will be released November 7th, 2014.


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