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21-02-2014, 11:23 | Michael We.

Seltene Tracks von PAUL ROLAND

PAUL ROLAND hat ein Album mit 19 seltenen, unveröffentlichten Tracks sowie ein Livekonzert in Italien angekündigt. PAUL im Wortlaut:

NEW CD – Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox (www.sireena.de)

First out of the drawbridge is ‘Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox’, a 19-track collection of unreleased recordings released by German label Sireena Records at a special mid-price this May.

The full track listing is as follows:

Tracks 1–10 previously unreleased radio session recordings

01) Re-Animator 3:49
02) The Crimes of Dr Cream 3:02
03) Cairo 3:02
04) I Was A Teenage Zombie 3:09
05) Captain Nemo 4:36
06) Aleister Crowley 2:38
07) The Puppet Master 3:32
08) Tortured By The Daughter of Fu Manchu 3:40
09) The Hanging Judge 2:04
10) Nosferatu 4:56

Tracks 11–19 outtakes, radio sessions, alternate versions and rarities

11) Meadows of the Sea (unreleased 2007 re-recording) 4.37
12) I’m Not Like Everybody Else (unreleased 2007 acoustic version)
13) Faeries (unreleased version) 2.50
14) Eight Little Whores (unreleased version) 3.34
15) Kali (unreleased acoustic radio session) 4.08
16) Bates Motel (unreleased acoustic radio session) 5.10
17) I Dared The Devil (remixed from ‘The Devil in Love’ album)
18) Death of A Clown (outtake from ‘Sarabande’ sessions) 3.54
19) Day of the Lords (from ‘Shadowplay’, the Joy Division tribute album) 4.38


I haven’t played many concerts since I stopped touring with my band back in the early 90s and seriously considered making last year’s Greek trip my last, but when I was invited to play in a medieval church in Italy at a music festival in Piacenza I simply couldn’t resist. I hope to be performing with my multitalented psych guitarist Mick Crossley (who played on ‘Hexen’ and ‘Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox’) and my favourite bass player Joshua R. If you can’t make it there (on March 7) feast your eyes on the posters – they are something special. They’ve all been posted on my Facebook pages (please note there has been a change of venue!), here and here.

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