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07-09-2013, 13:10 | Michael We.


SOL INVICTUS veröffentlichen im Oktober eine neue Single, ein Album soll folgen. Hier die News von PROPHECY:

Sol Invictus - Mr Cruel
Appetizer for the next Sol Invictus album

As a teaser for the new album by Sol Invictus (working title: "Once Upon A Time") due in 2014, Auerbach Tonträger is going to release the 7-inch vinyl single "Mr. Cruel" on October 4th. "The two songs thereon were recorded at a squat in Notting Hill in the 70s after the band had fallen through a rip in the space time continuum", quips Tony Wakeford, and by now every connoisseur should know: The attitude of Sol Invictus has not changed at all. After such an announcement, it is clear that the music offers a combination of Weird Folk and Psychedelic with the familiar charm of Sol Invictus, thus whetting the appetite for the upcoming album in an exciting manner. By the way: Mr. Wakeford's time-travelling companions were Don Anderson on guitars and Jason Walton behind the mixing desk, both courtesy of Agalloch.

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