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20-06-2013, 17:32 | Michael We.

MENACE RUINE gründen Label

Das kanadische Duo MENACE RUINE, von uns schon häufig besprochen, hat ein gemeinsames Label gegründet und präsentiert die ersten beiden Veröffentlichungen. Hier die Infos:

Menace Ruine members launch
new record label Union Finale
New releases by

Geneviève Beaulieu and S. de La Moth are extending their collaboration beyond Menace Ruine by creating Union Finale, a label that will function principally as a home for recordings by their respective projects, as well as for special MR releases in the future.

As an introduction to this new imprint, two release announcements are being made today, namely S/VR - Sur les femmes I & II (Cassette tape out July 7, pre-orders now) and the upcoming Preterite - From The Wells (CD out Sept. 22nd, preview song streamable now).

The latter release is the second full-length album by Preterite, the duo of Geneviève (of MR) and James Hamilton. While their debut, 2011's Pillar of Winds, veered into more abstract, atmospheric areas with its droning masses of harmonium, distorted guitars and keys, this new recording consists of six songs centred on Geneviève's guitar and voice, augmented with the duo's characteristic instrumental arrangements. Five of these songs originate in an obscure period of Geneviève's past, shortly before she had to give up the guitar, and so this album is a kind of repatriation of her first and most important instrument. The lyrics, written for the most part long afterwards, developed gradually, revealing themselves as if out of a fog in order to bury some of her ‘dead’ properly, and from that point start anew.

Distorted-wave industrialist duo S/VR returns after one year of meditation with Sur les femmes, a new series of concise and dense recordings. The two first parts – called I. Le chaos and II. La nuit – respectively described by their creators as "analog chastening" and "scorching contrition" – will be easily recognizable to those who were delighted by the festive noise and rocking synthwave of Célébration Noire (Handmade Birds Records, 2012), though this new tape dives into both gloomier and noisier waters on these two contrasting sides.

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