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06-05-2011, 12:58 | Michael We.

2x ULVER als LP neu aufgelegt

Zwei ältere ULVER-Aufnahmen werden auf Vinyl neu herausgebracht: "Lyckantropen Themes" (JESTER RECORDS und NEUROPA) und "Perdition City" (JESTER RECORDS). Erhältlich sind beide Alben über NEUROPA. Labelinfos:


ULVER: Lyckantropen Themes - 12" - heavy white vinyl - TRICK024
Jester Records and Neuropa present the original ULVER soundtrack for the Swedish short film LYCKANTROPEN now issued on heavy white 12" vinyl.

ULVER were approached for capturing the ambivalent atmosphere of the film in light of their association with lycantrophy and sound as visualisation. This is music for the eye. The ten themes are improvisations over three chords produced on mobile ULVER equipment. The focal points were laid down in Oslo and developed further in cooperation with the director and film editor in Stockholm.

"The final results are an exciting blend and experimental soundscapes, dark undertones and haunting passages ... Perfect for the visual content of Lyckantropen." - Steve Ericsson (director)

Mailorder price: 19 euros


ULVER: Perdition City - 12" - gatefold heavy white vinyl - TRICK007
Everything falls. World history is an endless process of failure and falling, forced forward by opposed powers. In this twilight ULVER hovers, somewhere between Beast and Man, noise and silence, the golden summits and the dead centre.

ULVER's fifth full-length album shows the band retreating even further, into observations of beauty and decay and the loss of innocence. However disillusioned the band may appear today, there are still these keen visions, still these withdrawn and picturesque atmospheres. Subtitled Music to an interior film, this is indeed music to evoke images in the mind.

ULVER belongs to a rare breed of musicians who fall with strict consequence on album after album. And Perdition City is a stunning manifestation of all this within a framework of artistic perfection and mature aestheticism. It is also an album that will convince those in search for modern and sophisticated music without hearing the wings of angels and demons beating beneath.

Repress of 500 copies by popular demand. No changes whatsoever. First 500 copies were sold during Ulver's 2010 European tour and never made it to any mailorder.
Mailorder price: 19 euros

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