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24-01-2011, 22:59 | Michael We.

LLOVESPELL: "Audioemotional Retreat"

Aus dem Newsletter von SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG:

CD ltd. 300 / MC edition (very ltd.)

Société pour Stabilité et Permanence via SUE

10 years from the beginning of SUE to now. Llovespell are back with their latest songs to celebrate this memorable point in time: a step forward again for the worldwide operating Leipzig based ATMOSPHERIC SPINE POP scene around SUE.

you will identify the 8 tracks as a statement on the band’s own remarkable universe in sound, rhythm and the use of lyrics.

welcome to your new construction set of self-knowledge and sensory completition.

pre-orders for the very limited mc edition are recommended (comes as a C90 with booklet and additional live recordings).

>>>available early april 2011

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