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23-01-2011, 14:52 | Michael We.

Der Vater von MATT HOWDEN stellt aus

Über den Vater von MATT HOWDEN haben wir anlässlich des Buches "The Matter Of Britain" (NONPOP-Besprechung) schon berichtet: Bilder und Gedichte von KEITH HOWDEN, vertont auf der Geige von seinem Sohn MATT. Nun werden weitere Bilder von KEITH ausgestellt, und zwar in einer Gallerie in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, GB. MATT wird einige Songs zur Ausstellungseröffnung spielen. Zwei Bilder sowie das Ausstellungsplakat sind unten zu sehen.

Hier die offizielle Mitteilung von MATT HOWDEN / der Galerie:

* Exhibition of Keith Howden’s paintings, Todmorden, February 2011
* Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 11am–4pm - 3rd to 27th February 2011
* Platform One Gallery, The Old Parcels Office, Railway Station, Todmorden OL14 7AA

On Saturday 12th February there is an open invite event for all. Soft drinks provided. Live music by Matt Howden to accompany the exhibition, playing, looping and layering the violin.


Keith Howden:
"It was  only  after my retirement in 1991 that I began to paint. These earlier paintings were mainly quite conventional landscapes, industrial landscapes and still life. After perhaps eight years of painting in this way, I began to feel differently about what I wanted to do. It struck me forcibly that art had always changed and moved with the tools available to it: artists in earlier centuries were happy to use the shadowgraph, camera obscura, numerous other ways of creating the basis for an image, and the camera itself. It seemed logical to me to use digital techniques to create the type of work that I now wanted to produce. Hence, in later years I have moved towards a newer and different style. Both aspects of my work are featured in the Exhibition at Todmorden’s Platform Gallery."

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