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12-07-2008, 12:05 | Michael We.

Neue Veröffentlichungen von SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG

Gute Nachrichten für alle Freunde des Leipziger Labels SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG (u.a. ANTLERS MULM und LLOVESPELL): Der aktuelle Newsletter verspricht viele Neuigkeiten für Herbst und Winter, etwa die vergriffenen "Weihnachtsfunk"-Kassetten auf CD. HANS JOHM im Wortlaut (der übrigens hier von NONPOP interviewt worden ist):

hi folks!
the days are getting shorter and shorter, the light grows dimmer and soon the first frost flowers will hit your windows (you've realized it before, sure...). so SUE is awake from it's slumber, i have to prepare the tools and the machinery for the upcoming SEASON. it's time to announce some releases which will appear in autumn/winter 2008. have a look and maybe do some notes...
Antlers Mulm sue24
'lone songs' - the regular edition. unreleased songs and versions from the 'of withered sparks' period. on gold cd-r as the sue24vza.
Sunday Strain sue29
here is a pearl of deep mood music. Sunday Strain are Stephan S. (Llovespell) and Dorain W., a female singer who was part of different gothic/wave bands before this. some of you were witness to their first show while "transmission 2" in january 2007. imagine the 4ad-universe of the second half of the 80's - and while you do that: forget the electric guitars - and the athmosphere (only the athmosphere) of a more introverted  trip hop release of the late 90's. this debut album will be amongst the first falling leaves in autumn 2008.
the High Tide Technology sue31
this piece will be a E.P. (around 35min.) with some bonus material (which will be very welcome to you i guess). the 7 E.P. tracks are forming a unified whole in style. smooth guitars are tripping trough a warm arrangement of exquisite sounds and sampled radio voices - a meeting of the good guys. explore the ocean when the sun settles down and while it's calm...maybe one single shark fin from time to time... the bonus is nothing less than the complete FUNKFEUER tracks (2002) of HTT and Liquid Stars - the other project of D. Michaels. rejoice!
a compilation - containing 4 projects: Brachial Palsy, Johnny PunchOut, Quellenthal and Raum41. all projects are from leipzig and have never released anything on SUE before. a new experience is waiting for you (and them and me...). 100 copies/2xMC in printed bag.
Antlers Mulm sue33
"filth in several styles"
remixes of different tracks from 'of withered sparks' by Antlers Mulm and guests: FIR§T LAW, Fjernlys, the High Tide Technology and Llovespell. a real alternative.
Antlers Mulm sue34
it is time: the re-release of the first two 'Weihnachtsfunk' tapes on cd. release date: december 2008.

the Llovespells are just recording some new songs and there'll be also a Llovespell remix-album at the end of the year (hopefully). detailed information belonging to the rmx stuff >> later...
that's it so far.
have a nice global warming.

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