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12-06-2009, 20:07 | Michael We.


Diese Nachricht von DRONE RECORDS aus Bremen ging heute um die Welt:

We are taking pre-orders for the next 10" in our more and more requested series SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA:

SUB-11 OLHON --- Lucifugus 10" --- € 12.00

This shows the collab-project of BAD SECTOR & WHERE recording pure sounds from an abandoned large metal water tank located in a forest in Tuscany, Italy (originally used by minors from that region). Both tracks are based entirely on these field recordings. Orange vinyl & stunning artwork by Berlin-based artworker Tilmann Benninghaus who was also responsible for the highly praised CISFINITUM cover (SUB-04). Edition of 500 copies. Lucifugus music for Lucifugus men! Release-Date: 25. June 2009.

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