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11-04-2009, 17:21 | Dominik T.


haven`t found any eggs yet in the garden, I think i have to force Marthynna to tell me where she did hide them....
But we have some news - the mixing of the new album finally is done!and the master DAT is on the way to the Isle of Sky where Denis Blackham will master it in the next weeks.
The album finally will be titled: "Flying high!" - after the great song (of corse "untitled"  :=) Patrick O Kill contributed phantastic vocals for.
Releasedate of both, the CD and double LP version will be early September so that we will be able to bring it for the tour.
Also, as usual we will have a special tour 7inch in the van for you, we will finish recording the song the next days.
The preperation for the tour itself is going well, updates about places/venues will be placed on our homepage regularelly!
As I already mentioned, we signed a merchandising contract with Europes biggest etal merchandising company "Plastic Head Merchandising" - the first T-Shirt now is in print and we await it end of this month to leave for the shops.
New merchandising as well is available on www.derblutharsch.com - - the item I myself like most at the moment is the military cap(green with black DB embroyding) - very stylish, very decent....
Also some news from the HauRucK! department....
HR!93 - C.O.Caspar - from the Asylum Cd now is soon going into print and we hope to have it here end of May
HR!94 - Changes - Lament - new album feat. a remix by Der Blutharsch shall be out in both formats, CD and double LP before summer as shall be
HR!95 - Amestigon`s new - long delayed and finally recorded album - for those who don´t know the  Austrian black metal legend - check them out on myspace, I only can tell it contains some members of Graumahd and Blutharsch - and yes, me as well contributed some Hammond and Harmonium tunes...if you can hear them out in the mix you are talented! VERY GRIMM!

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