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24-03-2009, 22:23 | Michael We.

Zwei CURRENT 93-Konzerte in Spanien

DAVID TIBET gibt mit diversen Gästen als CURRENT 93 im Mai zwei Konzerte in Spanien. Dort soll das neue Album präsentiert werden, das offiziell am 18. Mai erscheint. Außerdem hat TIBET ein T-Shirt für die Mai-Ausgabe von "The Wire" designed. Hier die Auszüge aus dem aktuellen CURRENT-Newsletter:

Current 93 manifest as C93 to play two nights in Santiago de Compostela on 16 & 17 May

Current 93 will appear in different forms and with different line-ups for various concerts throughout 2009. As C93 they play two shows at Salón Teatro, a small theatre in beautiful Santiago de Compostela in Spain on 16 & 17 May to celebrate the official release on 18 May of ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN. The venue holds a maximum of 260 people. Special guests are James Blackshaw and Andrew Liles. Tickets go on sale on 1 April and are €20 each, or €25 on the door, and the shows are part of the Festival Sinsal 7 Extensión Salón Teatro. Tickets are available from here.

David Tibet designs T-shirt for the May 2009 issue of ‘The Wire’

David has been invited to design a T-shirt for ‘The Wire’. They write: “Since summer 2003 we have been producing a series of limited edition shirts featuring specially commissioned designs by a variety of artists, designers and musicians. These special edition shirts are printed in limited runs of just 100 shirts each and sold by mail order via the pages of the magazine. Once all 100 have been sold, that’s it, they aren't reprinted.”
However, for David's design, ‘The Wire’ have agreed that only 93 copies of the shirt will be available for sale. For more details, and to see the shirt design nearer the time of the publication of the May issue, go to www.thewire.co.uk or buy a copy of the May issue.

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