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04-02-2009, 03:04 | Roy L.


LSR newsletter, number ii, February 3rd MMIX

Hello and hails to all!  Let me first thank everyone for all of your support ever since our inception!  You have been gentle, kind and way too forgiving…

After a long winter hibernation, I am pleased to announce that LSR has awoken with new fervor and a zeal for releasing new material.

The first is of a new split between THE JOY OF NATURE and NOVEMTHREE entitled “Auguries of Innocence/Meandering in Streams of Reflection” out today. The seeds were planted by the artists’ interest and respect for two authors:  For THE JOY OF NATURE, this was William Blake, and for NOVEMTHREE it was Hermann Hesse. It has blossomed to full maturity along with the artists musical expressions. Both Luís and Pythagumus have, in my opinion, contributed their finest work to date in this offering. These are packaged in handcrafted jackets with painted and stamped CD-Rs. Included is an exclusive button from each artist.  (LSR9) $10+shipping.

Next is a new artist to LSR from France named François Blanc who goes by the moniker BETRAY-ED. François excels in creating forest folk atmospheres with Renaissance elements and a warming calm. Beautiful piano solos abound and drift about between lute and steel string harp with forest sounds reminiscent of GREEN MISTLETOE. This first BETRAY-ED release on LSR will be entitled “Songs from the Oak of Wishes” (LSR10) and will pleasure our auditory senses very soonly.  

Lately I have developed an obsession for creating buttons. If you would like to see what the fuss is all about, you’re welcome to visit the myspace page and see for yourself.

littlesomebody (at) hotmail . com

Liitle Somebody @ Last.fm

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