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24-01-2009, 12:00 | Antje M.M.

Neue Veröffentlichungen auf COLD SPRING

Aus dem aktuellen Newsletter (22. 01. 2009):

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My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth CD (CSR106CD)

The TenHornedBeast rises again. Five new compositions from black ambient / doom overlord Christopher Walton - three remixes / expansions / contractions of songs from the debut album "The Sacred Truth" and two totally new pieces that are in a similar style to this dark masterpiece. Walton has stripped some of the songs to their bare bones and allowed them space to breathe again. This album is all-new but continues the atmosphere of the debut and can be considered a companion piece. Presented in a matt-laminate, spot-varnished digipak. (VÖ: 09. 02. 2009)

All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World CD (CSR109CD)

Reissue of the stunning debut BHN album from spring 2008 (Ltd x 200). Working with a constantly evolving autumnal orchestra of layered cellos, repeating piano melodies, hushed vocals and mutant textures of sound and noise, Bleeding Heart Narrative has constructed a unique, haunting and compelling album. BHN is the work of sole composer, artist and producer Oliver Barrett, working in the live spectrum as a septet. Presented in a digipak with the new and exclusive bonus track 'Blueskywards'. We can't recommend this highly enough. (VÖ: 09. 02. 2009)

Sensitive Disturbance CD (CSR108CD)

Blurring the lines between Dark Ambient, Industrial and Noise, Sistrenatus storms forth, shifting between oppressive aggression and unsettling atmospheres. "Sensitive Disturbance" is the third offering from this now legendary Canadian act, whose debut "Division One" was issued on Cold Spring in 2007. An aural journey through the urban decay of abandoned factories, scorched landscapes and underground passageways. "Sensitive Disturbance" is an abrasive rendition of the industrial revolution in its darkest phases. (VÖ: 09. 02. 2009)

Außerdem sind gerade erschienen:

Black Post Society CD (CSR85CD) 

NADJA / ATAVIST / SATORI:  Infernal Possession... And Then Everything Dies CD (CSR111CD)

Contemptus Mundi CD (CSR113CD)

Kanashibari CD (CSR95CD)

Und demnächst erscheinen:

Z'EV: Sumthings CD (CSR101CD)
FOLKSTORM: Sweden CD (CSR29CD) - repress
FOLKSTORM: Victory Or Death CD (CSR31CD) - reissue

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