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19-11-2008, 20:07 | Michael We.


BIRCH BOOK, das Nebenprojekt von IN GOWAN RING-Kopf B'EIRTH, tritt im November und Dezember als Support für WOVEN HAND auf. Zwei der Termine liegen in Deutschland. Hier der aktuelle Newsletter im Wortlaut:

1> BIRCH BOOK will be making support performances for WOVEN HAND on the following 14 dates:

25.11. Austria – Salzburg, Rockhouse
26.11. Check Republic - Prague, Archa Theatre
27.11. Austria - Wien, WUK
28.11. Italy – Milan, Musicdrome
29.11. Italy - Ravenna, Bronson
30.11. Italy - Padova, Unwound
02.12. Germany - Dresden, BeatPol
03.12. Germany - Berlin, ColumbiaClub
04.12. Belgium - Leuven, Het Depot
05.12. Netherlands - Utrecht, Tivoli
06.12. Germany - Geislingen,  Rätschenmühle,
07.12. Switzerland - Bern, ISC Club
09.12. Switzerland - Lausanne, Les Docks
10.12. France - Toulon, L’Omega Live

We’ll be playing as a three piece with DEAN THOMAS (electric guitar) and IAIN TAYLOR (bodhran, percussion).  Please come out if you can get a ticket.

2> Also, we’ll be looking for crash sleepover space for four nice people on the first 7 dates, eg:  Salzburg, Prague, Wien, Milan, Ravenna, Padova & Dresden.  If you have space for us or know of someone who could help us out in this way we would be much obliged and should have something to offer in recompense = please write .

3> New Mailorder availability:  We have some copies of the live cd with Maja Elliott from last year’s shows in Portugal available here.
Also, a few more Exists & Entrances boxes have been unearthed from the slightly extended pressing of earlier this year.  Not all t-shirt sizes & colors are available but please write if interested in this. 
We should be back in stock with Hazel Steps at end of year.

4> We look forward to burrowing into personal projects, deep spaces and liminal lucubrations for the hibernation season, emerging with, perhaps, a renewed sense of purpose as the next year unfolds…

Wishing you an abyss of contemplative wonder,


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