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05-09-2008, 14:27 | Roy L.

NOVÝ SVĚT: Todas Las Primeras Cosas 2LP

Back & Forth

Der deutsch-französische Tonträgerverlag (T)REUE UM (T)REUE hat die Zeit noch einmal zurückgedreht und Wiener Archive durchwühlt. Eine üppige Auswahl von ultra-raren Tapetracks und ungehörten frühen Demos des Ausnahmeprojektes NOVÝ SVĚT liegt ab Ende September 2008 zum ersten Mal auf Vinyl, zum ersten Mal überhaupt offiziell und authorisiert zum Hören und Zeitvergessen vor.
Gleichzeitig erscheint die Debüt-LP des in Berlin ansässigen Ambient-Concrète Projektes NIEDOWIERZANIE, das akustische Brücken zwischen den stets divergierenden Momenten von Alt und Neu, Marseille und Indien schlagen wird...

NOVÝ SVĚT: Todas Las Primeras Cosas

rur010 | 2LP in Gatefold | schwarzes Vinyl | limitiert auf ca. 320 Exemplare
Ende September | 26,- EUR


Znaem (4:04)
Gloria Dos (6:32)
Ruina (3:35)
Nada (3:59)
Unus (1:48)

Último Paso (4:52)
Raíces (1:54)
Sand (3:31)
Ein Strick (0:49)
Día y Noche (2:27)
Animazone (5:18)
NoMeDiCe (0:44)

Meddeux (4:31)
No Volne Smery (2:20)
Sangre y Arena (3:11)
Soledad II (4:42)
No Más Palabras (2:43)
Soledad I (2:07)

Morava (8:29)
Invocación A La Ciudad (3:52)
Soledad Mi Única Belleza (1:24)
Axaxas Mloe (4:50)
That's Why I Love You (1:52)


"Some months ago J. Weber announced the official death of NOVY SVET, one of the most significant projects of the second post-industrial generation… and for many a true European legend. Time for us to look back on the very beginnings of the band, try to hear and feel how the story that is about to end came to be. We are very proud to present this collection of early songs, first Bohemian blooms which already carry in their core the drunken magic, the inimitable bitter sweet flavour, the slow poison which later distilled itself in RUMORARMONIO, FACCIA A FACCIA, CUORI DI PETROLIO and CHAPPAQUA. All tracks have been restored from the original tapes and appear here for the first time on vinyl. Included is a selection of the rare and much sought-after demo tracks released in the 90s on NOVY SVET’s own tape-label JUNGES WIEN, as well as completely unreleased archive material from the recording sessions of the first three albums. A unique opportunity to hear those lost jewels, once cast aside and yet which so deserve to finally be known to a wider audience."


rur009 | LP | weißes Vinyl | limitiert auf ca. 200 Exemplare
Ende September | 16,- EUR


I (6:21)
Aujourd'hui (8:25)
Hier (5:27)

III (8:02)
Estaque ist tot (12:18)

"In spite of all their growing differences, there are still hidden places, elusive dimensions where East and West meet… For instance in the highly introspective music of the Marseille/Berlin based solo project NIEDOWIERZANIE, presenting here its first official album in the shape of five long instrumental pieces of neo-classical sound sculptures. Flirting both with IDM and contemporary music, mixing organic compositions (using a wide range of string, wind and self-made instruments) with electronic cut-ups and field recordings from the artist’s native Marseille and his extensive journeys through India, these intense, complex and luminous crescendos evoke the works of artists as diverse as COIL, MIRROR, MIASTO NIE SPALO and ARVO PÄRT."

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