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14-09-2007, 03:13 | Roy L.

IANVA entfachen neue Leuchtfeuer im dunklen Westen

IANVA - "L'Occidente" ep

LEV003 | CD-EP in Slipcase

Wie schon bei der ersten EP "La Ballata dell'Ardito" werden einige der Lieder NICHT auf dem nächsten IANVA Album vertreten sein.

Santa Luce Dei Macelli
Il Sereno E La Tempesta
In Battaglia - The Battle (D. Cousins / STRAWBS) -Italian Version-

IANVA are finally back with a new miniCD whose length and concept suggest the general rule of the good old fashioned EP. These four brand new songs stand as evidence of the current creative stage of the band. Reflecting this stage, most of the tracks included in this EP will NOT be part of the next release.
It is a veritable Southern Götterdämmerung bathed in the sun of the Mediterranean. It’s time for IANVA to strike your inner notes again. That’s what this band is for.

Mercy: vocals, marranzano (Jew’s harp), concept, lyrics, music, arrangements, backing vocals
Stefania T. D'Alterio: vocals, lyrics, music
Fabio Gremo: double bass, acoustic & classic guitars, music, arrangements, backing vocals
Francesco La Rosa: drums, percussions, programming, music
Fabio Carfagna: electric & acoustic guitars, music, backing vocals
Davide La Rosa: accordion, percussions, backing vocals
Giuseppe Spanò: piano, backing vocals
Azoth: electric bass
M° Fulvio Di Clemente: trumpet, trombone

L’OCCIDENTE (The West): Today, “the West” is a conveniently undefined construct that, (for several vague reasons) some repeatedly insist must be “saved” and/or “protected”. It is a pity that those who are now “assembling” and calling men and minds up, are also guilty of having inserted in the collective unconscious something that, (in the past) the Old Europe had never known - even in its frequent darkest nights. This alien thing is nothing short of a new vulgarity of disposition, nature and character. The great Scott Walker and the O.S.Ts of old Italian “B movies” provided us once again with good hints as to how to put forward our point of view and speak our mind. This is our way to say: “Sorry, but don’t count on us...”

SANTA LUCE DEI MACELLI (St. Luce Of Abattoirs): Some of the devotional feasts of Southern Italy show beyond doubt how much a certain popular and Mediterranean expression of Roman Catholicism has preserved and internalized many characteristics of the pagan and archaic ceremonial spirit. In this expression we see a particular physicality. It is a visual, tactile and sensory religiousness that is peculiar to the Greek/Roman world. It is furthermore, a form that is distant both from the desert heat where all monotheisms have their origins and from the icy rigours of Protestantism. “Santa Luce Dei Macelli” is a 3-dimensional track to sink and dive into. Among echoes of “mafia folk” and “funeral cabaret”, the listener is invited to lose themselves in a world that IANVA know very well. It may even be revealed that an obstinate attachment to those traditions so readily disdained and slandered by the sort of “discount Enlightenment” so en vogue today; can be interpreted as an ultimate and possible chance for cultural resistance.

IL SERENO E LA TEMPESTA (The Clear Sky And The Storm): This is an instrumental track to recall the typical spirit of our land. It evokes those evenings when the rise of the north wind foreboded imminent departure to those who were about to set sail. A curious mix of eagerness and the anticipation of nostalgia surround the souls of these men who, born of the close between the harshness of the mountains and the magnificence of the sea were a mixture of celtic and mediterranean elements. It reflects the blood of those people we prefer to remember as history has transmitted them to posterity - those who were at their ease on the most difficult and dangerous routes, fearing nothing…

IN BATTAGLIA (THE BATTLE by The Strawbs): The simple and harmonious notes of “The Battle”, (an evergreen written and performed by The Strawbs) combined with the narrative structure particular to the original version, (showing almost kinship in terms of progress to the stations of the cross) provided us with great material for an “Italian” transcription and a re-arrangement of a masterpiece that, (as far as we know) has been never covered before. They also provided us the chance to do a sort of prequel to “Disobbedisco!” and fix the exact moment when Maggiore Renzi breaks into Giovanni Laurago’s life - during the most feverish phases of the bloody battle of Mount St. Gabriele, in May 1917. Oddly enough, the stages of the battle described in the original Strawbs’ song vividly call to mind the events IANVA chose to relate. This allowed us to preserve the dramatic escalation of the original version and its bitter final annotation. This is no mere cover, but rather a respectful re-telling of events that loses nothing in the translation.

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