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06-09-2007, 12:24 | ANV


• AXON NEURON/VAGWA :Archive Part 2: CD-R •
release date: October 2007
running time: approx. 70 minutes
format: CD-R with printed cardboard packaging, individually numbered
label: Ragnarune Mailorder, RM 03
edition: depends on number of the subscribers
price: 12 Euro incl. postage (Germany), 14 Euro (Europe), 16 Euro (world) and on request.

This subscription only CDr will include the COMPLETE “Thorned Messages” album recorded in 1999 and 2000 including the entire “Thorned Message” parts for the very first time plus lots of extra tracks from the same period. Like the first “Archive” CDr this release comes in a printed cardboard sleeve. This is part three in the Ragnarune mailorder subscription series. To get your copy of this item send an E-Mail until September, 13 with the subject "Archive Part 2" to: contact@axon-neuron-vagwa.de. You will be contacted for further details.
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