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01-08-2007, 17:01 | Roy L.

Sexy And Mechanical Night in Posen/PL, 20. Oktober

Die Macher des polnischen Szenemagazins APOSTAZJA laden Ende Oktober zu einem abwechslungsreichen Festivalabend mit besonderer Atmosphäre ein.
Der markante italienische PUNCH:-RECORDS Stil von AIT! und MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE trifft auf den psychedelischen Jazz-Ambient der entdeckungswürdigen BRASIL & THE GALLOWBROTHERS BAND aus Polen.
Dazu gibt es mit KREPULEC ein paar Militärmärsche zum Strammstehen und mit SONDA ein paar Analogelektrostrudel zum Abtauchen und Auflockern.


Samstag, 20. Oktober
Wielka Street 21
Poznan, Polen

Einlass: 18.00 Uhr
Beginn: 19.00 Uhr

Tickets: 15 EUR


Ait! is just a nicer word for “get the fuck out of here!”, so do we really have to explain ANYthing? Well, well...Tairy Ceron is the solo dancer of the crazy apocalyptic circus ballet, chef du cuisine of the hot Punch:-Records bar, stylish entertainer amongst the ruins – in short: the Jess Franco of today’s industrial culture. Give him a stage for his eclectic one-man-show and he’ll get your asses back onto a sexy 70ies playground. Il mondo è morto or what? - let’s celebrate the renaissance of a long bygone age with AIT!s portion of sick disco beats and tasty cocktail kisses. Na zdrowie!

It’s been more than 25 years ago when painter-musician Dither Craf slipped through a microscopic gap into the head of Georges Méliès somewhere between Roma and Wien and oh, he never returned from the early cinema labyrinth ever since. So you rather take care and stick to the bass lines, follow the fish, and you’ll get on through the deep jungle of post-nuclear futurism. Watch the primate’s very last bath in slow motion and find out what kind of evolution could create this mauvais monster of atonal psych pop. If this is a nightmare, it's the first one you can shake your legs to in ecstasy.

It's a sultry summer eve in your neighbourhood's rooftop restaurant, Ed Ka-Spel is having a gloomy dinner with the late ghosts of Coil and there's a quartet playing its hangman bossa nova blues in the dusty corners of the moon. The last light sinks with dirty orange and concrete grey and there is no time and space at all. Well, you should set sail for Brasil tonight, through a fog of tobacco and urban melancolia. You should set sail with great lost songs on shortwave, and telephones whispering their lo-fidelic psych-jazz poems once written on postcards or paper plates and pasta dishes.

KREPULEC is a polish military project created by Wojciech Z, the man who stands behind the project INFAMIS and manages the label Beast Of Pray. KREPULEC is a musical embodiment of polish cantos, patriotic and revolutionary songs. During Apostazja Festival will be presented a music material titled “Europe”, made specially on that occasion. Also a promotion of the newest album "New Radical" will take place. Military industrial/neofolk of the highest quality with psychedelic and lofty accents.

Eccentric project of some artists from Poznan, among them so well known in our city: RadAr and Jar O. This time, they met to combine, with the help of analogue instruments, soft pulsation of keyboards with broken sounds of industrial turmoil. Creating their own melodies, Sonda doesn’t limit itself only to electronics. You can never know what to expect of this still evolving, transforming and looking for new paths project. One thing is for sure – these musicians really know what ambitious electronics means and with admirable expression they can transform it into actions.

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