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04-07-2007, 10:38 | Dominik T.

The Collected Works of BOYD RICE (Buch + CD)

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edited by
Brian M. Clark


"Boyd Rice is a black pimp."
–Charles Manson

"Boyd was my mentor."
–Marilyn Manson

"Boyd is an iconoclast!"
–Anton LaVey, Church of Satan

"Boyd Rice has crossed over into the realm of being a pop icon, not unlike Andy Warhol, Tiny Tim, or Charles Manson. His face is like a corporate logo synonymous with a specific type of worldview. When you see Boyd it's as though you're gazing upon the Golden Arches or the Swastika. Or both."
–Shaun Partridge, The Partridge Family Temple

STANDING IN TWO CIRCLES is the first defintive and comprehensive compendium of the works of BOYD RICE, one of the most provocative and controversial underground figures of the post-punk era. A pioneering noise musician and countercultural maven, from the late 1970s to the present Rice has worked in an array of capacities, playing the roles of: musician, performer, artist, photographer, essayist, interviewer, editor, occult researcher, filmmaker, actor, orator, deejay, gallery curator and tiki bar designer, among others. First coming to prominence as an avant-garde audio experimentalist (recording under the moniker NON), Rice was a seminal founder of the first wave of industrial music in the late 1970s. In the 1980s, through collaborations with Re/Search Publications, Rice further established his position in underground with recountings of his uproarious pranks and the promotion of “incredibly strange” cult films and “industrial” culture. Rice’s influence on subculture was further exerted through his vanguard exhibition of found photographs and readymade thrift store art, as well as his adamant endorsements of outsider music, tiki culture and bygone pop culture in general. Rice is also notorious for his public associations with nefarious figures both infamous and obscure, including friendships and ideological collusions with the likes of cult leader Charles Manson and Church Of Satan founder Anton LaVey, among others. His work continues to profoundly affect the countercultural underground at large, inspiring and enraging in equal measure.

Essays 1986–2007
Over 30 provocative essays, many previously unpublished, on subjects ranging from Mondo Films to Charles Manson, Savitri Devi to the Hellfire Club, Cocktail Culture to African Atrocities, and from Abraxas to Rape. Of the 33 essays contained herein, 11 appear here for the first time ever. Of the remaining 22 previously published texts contained in this volume, most are revised, updated and expanded from their original versions.

The complete words to the Boyd Rice recording catalogue, including such CDs as: Music, Martinis & Misanthropy, In The Shadow Of The Sword, Hatesville!, God & Beast, Wolf Pact, and Alarm Agents. 17 years worth of Rice’s albums, EPs, singles, collaborations and compilation cuts, the vast majority of which have never before been published, and are printed here for the first time.

Art & Photography
A collection of 48 original plates, including Experimental Photographs, Fetish Photographs, and Abstract Paintings, most never before published.

STANDING IN TWO CIRCLES also includes an extensive illustrated biography of Boyd Rice from the 1970s to the present, by the book’s editor, Brian M Clark.

STANDING IN TWO CIRCLES is published September 2007 in two limited editions:

This limited collector's edition of 50 hardbacks only is numbered from 001-050, signed by Boyd Rice, and includes the following: limited edition print, numbered from 001-050 and signed by Boyd Rice, plus a brand new spoken word CD containing the following tracks: People/The End Of The World/Bring In The Night/Pack 44 (Fuck Fuck, Kill Kill)/Assume The Position/A World On Fire/The Reign Song/Never/Love Will Change The World/Deletion/Rape*/Have A Nice Day*/Whatever Happened To Quiet Desperation?*/Television: The Great Healer*/Goosey Goosey Gander*/Two Little Blackbirds*/Ladybird*/Bandy Legs*/Birds Of A Feather Flock Together*
*previously unreleased material
Price $79 + $7 shipping inside USA, $15 outside

Experimental Photograph, 1974
Limited signed print edition of 50 copies




This limited edition of 100 paperbacks only is numbered from 001-100, signed by Boyd Rice, and includes the spoken word CD as detailed above.
Price $39 + $5 shipping inside USA, $10 outside




All books ship September 2007

The limited edition hardback, limited edition paperback, signed print and spoken word CD will not be available in stores and may only be purchased through this website. The regular trade paperback edition of STANDING IN TWO CIRCLES will be published in 2008.

Secure payment for this item can also be made at paypal.com. Please pay the applicable amount to: the.rabbit@creationbooks.com

Title: Standing in Two Circles
Author: Boyd Rice
Series: Counter-Culture
ISBN: 1-84068-085-7/118-7
Edition: Limited, signed
Pages: 256

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