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13-06-2007, 13:21 | Roy L.

Neues ď PARADIS Album bei Punch:-Records

Ô PARADIS - "Cuando El Tiempo Sopla"

PUNCH 022 | CD + 16seitiges Beiheft
13.00 EUR | 04.07.07

Dejar de Correr
Luz del Presente
Sexo a la Luna
6:66 (H.V.)

When the time blows (Cuando el Tiempo Sopla), some of them lower the head with the absent look, but we will take advantage of it to get up and to be pushed towards the salvation. The words cannot help you because they are only stones in the space without gravity, and in the darkness of the closed eyes, with the attentive ears, we can listen as our slept cities they speaks in dreams. Don't ask the devil for heaven, because he also is frightened... and Love only is a handful of sand more than we will stop to fall down in the tomb of time? But you do not grieve, there is something that will never die in us, that the breath of time cannot remove. Look for it with me in the new album from "O Paradis". Really there are neither angels nor demons that whisper to the ears, it'is only the sound of the wind, the same breath of time that erase our fingerprints in the paradise.

Zur selben Zeit wird die um einen Monat verschobene Split-Single von Ô PARADIS und COMANDO SUZIE erscheinen.
Bis zum Veröffentlichungstermin können beide Releases zusammen zum Vorzugspreis von 20.00 EUR (statt 22.00 EUR) vorbestellt werden.


PUNCH 021 | 7" | limitiert auf 300 Kopien
9.00 EUR | 04.07.07

Comando Suzie - "El Pequeño Tamborilero"
Ô Paradis - "Pergamino"

A Beautiful split between two catalan bands, the newcomers on Punch Comando Suzie and the already well known and affirmed Ô Paradis! For their first official relase on Punch, the crazy electro-pop duo Comando Suzie  (which have been debuted at our Punch Festival receiving great acclamation) has choosen "El pequeño tamborilero", this time a more folkie oriented track, with Spanish acid lyrics :-)  that fits perfectly with a new and really beautiful song of Ô Paradis "Pergamino".

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