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05-05-2007, 15:42 |

Neues von Vendlus

Neues von Vendlus
Gleich fünf neue Veröffentlichungen sollen via Vendlus Records in nächster Zeit das Licht der Welt erblicken. Frisch veröffentlich wurden schon das norwegische Ved Buens Ende-, DHG- und Fleurity-Nebenprojekt ZWEIZZ, welches auf "The Yawn of the New Age" eine gelungene Mixtur aus Black Metal und Elektro verspricht, und der finnische ...and Oceans-Nachfolger HAVOC UNIT. Das Amber Asylum-Nebenprojekt GRAYCEON (San Francisco) will sich ebenfalls in keine Schublade stecken lassen.

Später im Jahr soll das noch unbetitelte Debüt von UMORAL erscheinen. Hier handelt es sich um die Spielwiese einiger in die Jahre gekommener Black Metal-Heroen (Hellhammer/MAYHEM, Zweiss/FLEURITY und Teloch/NIDINGR), die noch einmal den guten alten Tagen des Genres huldigen wollen. Interessanter dürfte die Split zwischen den Bonnern ISLAND (Postrock aus dem Nebelung-Umfeld) und den Franzosen SMOHALLA werden.


"Zweizz – The Yawn of the New Age - SEH (Fleurety, ex-DHG) finally unleashes his Debut CD which is the first true exploration into Electronic Black Metal, taking the atmosphere and essence of what makes Black Metal and meshing it with electronics and unobtrusive noise, Zweizz has molded an album soon to become a inspiration for many. This release will indeed confuse and bewilder even the savviest of music aficionados. Features guest appearance by Czarl (Ved Buens Ende, Cadaver, Virus) and a cover of Immortal's "Blacker than Darkness".

Havoc Unit // andOceans – SYNAESTHESIA The Requiem Reveries - After 10 years of existence andOceans decided to put the name on ice and re-create a completely new agenda. The name andOceans was changed to Havoc Unit. In 2007 we will be given a taste and later a full silver platter of what Havoc Unit has to offer. This three way split includes the last track ever written by And Oceans and the first by Havoc Unit. It also features two remixes for both songs with Videos. However don't shy away from these remixes they can arguably be considered superior to the original versions! Along with the HU/AO tracks the CD houses some from a side project of one of the main members Sin:Decay.

Grayceon - S/T - Often moody, frequently rollicking, and occasionally pummeling, these ballsy tunes not only produce an end result difficult to pigeonhole genre wise, but also regularly create a towering wall of sound that defies the fact there are only three members actually producing it. The rich, deep texture of electric cello, courtesy of Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum / Giant Squid), twines seamlessly with the meandering, finger-picked guitar wizardry of Max Doyle (Walken), and the amazingly organic, frequently frantic drumming of Zack Farwell (Walken).
The Biggest Fish: AUDIOPAIN - A Bomb's View - Limited to 500 copies 10” vinyl

On the Rise:

Umoral – TBA – A return to the roots of black metal. Featuring Zweizz (Fleurety, Ex-DHG) Teloch (Nidingr, 1349(live guitarist) , NunFuckRitual) and Hellhammer (Arcturus, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir).

Island / Smohalla Split CD – TBA – Two amazing artists that Vendlus will introduce later this year. Island hails from Germany and featuring members of Woburn House. Smohalla hails from France and creates music that is closest in relation to Ved Buens Ende."
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