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05-02-2007, 19:20 | Roy L.

Stigmata: Khatyn Sampler, Pragnavit

Das weißrussische Musikmagazin STIGMATA ist seit zwei Jahren auch als Label für Neo-Folk / Post-Industrial / Martial aktiv.

V/A - "Khatyn: Tacet, Sed Loquitur"


ST:03:2006 | CD in Digisleeve + 3 Inlays & Booklet
limitiert auf 500 Kopien
15,00 EUR

PROPERGOL - Seventy-five / The Bullet Or The Flame
PRAGNAVIT - Popiel Hatyni
BAD SECTOR - Inner Pulse
ATARAXIA - Etretat
MOON FAR AWAY - Volna Shumit
OSIMIRA Ziazulia - Myia
DONIS - Zalio Vario
VISHUDHA KALI - Monuments & Dust
FIRST LAW - Group Dynamics (Requiem for the Common Sense)
NECRO STELLAR - Stay and Burn

This compilation is a tribute to the people who became victims of tragedy in Belarusian village Khatyn.
Stigmata magazine presents the first Belarusian compilation with international line-up ХАТЫНЬ: Tacet, Sed Loquitur: 13 legendary bands from all-over Europe, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia joined their forces to remind people about victims of inferno in small Belarusian village Khatyn. Genres included are dark ambient, folk, electro, industrial and gothic. Almost all of the tracks are exclusive.

Hintergrund / Khatyn:
Belarus, March 22nd, 1943. An attack on the German patrol took place near a minor village known as Khatyn. Among those injured during the attack was Hans Welke, an Olympic champion of 1936, favored by Hitler. An order to "seek and destroy" was issued to the 118th police battalion being under Oskar Dirlewanger, "The Lame Demon", as he was commonly known. The 118th battalion was formed in Kiev, Ukraine, consisting of Ukrainians, former Soviet soldiers captured by the Germans, subsequently taking the Nazi side. These were specially trained to suppress the local population. The battalion's chef was Erich Kerner, Grigory Vassiura was the headquarters chief.
The punitive forces entered Khatyn. The local partisan (guerilla) troops which stayed in the village fled rapidly. Khatyn was doomed. At sunset there barely anything left of Khatyn other than smoke rising from the ashes. The population were burnt alive, too. 149 people, 75 children. The youngest victim was just 7 weeks old.
Our compilation is a reminder of the March 22, 1943 events, meant to pay homage to the people who became victims of this pointless war. All war is a crime.
We did not use the photos of the current Khatyn memorial in artwork on purpose, emphasizing that this tragedy is not just an accident. It is just one of the many, as violence and cruelty are common during any war on this planet. There's only one thing left to the populace, and this thing is the death of martyrs. Khatyn in Belarus, Dresden in Germany, Hiroshima in Japan, Oradour sur Glane in France, Songmi in Vietnam, Deir Yassin in Israel, Beirut in the Lebanon… Yugoslavia, Iraq... Different countries, even different continents – but the consequences are all the same. Any war is a Crime.
Take a look at the photos of Belarusian villages burnt to ashes. Look at the people on these pictures. They all became hostages to the grand war led by their neighbours. One third of the Belarusian population were killed between 1941 and 1945.
Plenty of books were based on the Khatyn tragedy. Its story is told in "Idi I Smotri" ("Come and see"), a film by Elem Klimov. You can learn more about the Khatyn events at www.khatyn.by


CRIVIA RECORDS ist eine Zusammenarbeit von STIGMATA und dem weißrussischen Black Metal / Dark Ambient Label POSSESSION PRODUCTIONS

PRAGNAVIT - "Svetacjam"

CD in Digisleeve + Inlay & Booklet
15,00 EUR

Hörprobe  (komplettes Lied):
Infernal Chant

PRAGNAVIT is one of the oldest and well-known formations from Belarus. This one-man project was formed by Mr. Voist, a legendary figure of Belarusian underground, who also known for UDUMBAL, NOLUNTAS and M.O.B.A.S. To this date PRAGNAVIT has released two tape-albums and disappeared for almost a decade…
Today Crivia Records, a joint venture of Stigmata and Possession Productions., is proud to present the brand new album of PRAGNAVIT. Forget about previous records from this band, Svietacjam is the new level in PRAGNAVIT’s career. Dark wave almost gone and now it’s time for Ethnic Dark Ambient! It’s time for the Rite of Initiation. Dark and gloomy soundscapes guide you through the pictures from the Past of ancient Belarus – mysterious land Crivia. Keyboards and field recordings are accompanied by native Belarusian acoustic instruments: duda (bagpipes), surma, sopilka, cow horn, drymba, fluits, hmara, sharkhuny and kaliuka. The album was recorded with guest-musicians from well-known Belarusian folk band OSIMIRA.
Recommended for fans of KARNNOS, SANGRE CAVALLUM and likes.


STIGMATA Backcatalogue:

ST:01:2005 | V/A - "Tuteishyia: Selected Works of Belarussian Experimental Artists"
CD-R | lim. 120 Kopien | sold-out
ST:02:2005 | VISHUDHA KALI - "One Not With U.S."
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