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01-11-2006, 10:36 | Roy L.

Neues von Final Muzik

V/A - "Tal Mont De Lune"

FM03 | CD
Anfang November
Vorbestellungen bis zum 04.11. für 13,50 EUR
Danach zum regulären Preis international erhältlich

THE LAST FALL - "Treasure"
ALL MY FAITH LOST ... - "Land's End"
FORESTA DI FERRO - "La Ultime Gnot (Ave Maria)"
INNER GLORY "Evening Of A New Day"
CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE - "O Tu Che Vieni Al Doloroso Ospizio (Live)"
KNIFELADDER - "Carousel"
THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK - "Spiritus Patitur"
ARGINE - "In Silenzio (Moon Version)"
CRISANTEMO DEL CARRIONE - "Il Ballo Della Peste (Final Version)"
SHINING VRIL - "A Secret God"
NORTHGATE - "A Blind Squirrel On The Drumkit!"
MANIFESTO - "The Pillar Upon which The World Rests"

International compilation including 14 tracks covering ethereal/wave, neo-folk / folk noir, industrial, dark ambient and related genres. "Tal Mont De Lune" includes mainly unreleased songs, live and new versions, featuring some tracks exclusively recorded for this Final Muzik release. Our big "THANK YOU!" to all musicians involved for their friendly never ending patience.

Dezember 2006

Text of Light - "Un Pranzo Favoloso"

FM05 | CD

After the release of Deison / Thurston Moore limited 7" on our old label Sin Organisation some years ago , we're proud to announce the new CD album of TEXT OF LIGHT, featuring another musician from Sonic Youth's family, Lee Ranaldo. "Un Pranzo Favoloso" has been recorded on 26th May 2005 at Auditorium Concordia in Pordenone (Italy) during the "Schermo Sonoro - Cinemazero" festival. In this incredible concert Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Tim Barnes and Ulrich Krieger played on Stan Brakhage experimental movies; the band explores the concept of soundtrack and creates something new out of it, a "sonic continuum" between music and the movies, in which Stan Brackage's images become sounds. Amazing.

Geplant für Anfang 2007
We Wait For The Snow - "Lullabies From Our Dreams"
CD | limitiert auf 500 Kopien | Dez. '06 / Jan. '07
We Wait For The Snow is a excellent Italian project playing a suggestive mix of folk (from noir to psychedelic) and electronic ambient music, with a dark feel. Acoustic music and deep electronic sounds wait for the snow together, for a unique result to file under: Espers, Current 93, Troum, Jackie O'Motherfucker, Maeror Tri... do NOT miss this one!

Inner Glory - tba
CD | 2007
Yes, it'll be a full length album! Ladies and gentlemen, the saga goes on, but it'll be worth the wait! To sum up the whole story: the idea started as a limited CDr proposal; then, we offered them a MCD (not CDr) with video track and now...the band decided to re-record some of their most recent tracks and to add some more unreleased material. In few words: Final Muzik is proud to announce Inner Glory NEW album, including some of the best "post neo-folk songs" around. To explain the concept: if you're into SPIRITUAL FRONT's "Armageddon Gigolo" great CD, well Inner Glory new studio album will be A MUST, too!

Corpoparassita - tba
We're discussing if releasing new Corpoparassita recordings on "regular" CD format, or if through our Final Muzik Special Serie. News will follow, for the moment, you should just know that Corpoparassita = the best post industrial noise / dark ambient around!

Giancarlo Toniutti - tba

CD | neues Album
Confirmed! In preparation: more details soon concerning this release by one of the fathers of Italian experimental music.

FM Special Serie

bald auf CD-R in hochwertiger Qualität und limitierter Auflage erhältlich:
Wellenwerkman Neurosonological Research Station - tba
Deep, moody neoelectronica from Luigi Russolo of Therabaqud Leic and S. Biasin Trio fame.
Flutwacht - tba
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