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23-03-2006, 15:35 | Roy L.

Important Records Update

LARSEN - "SeieS"

imprec083 | CD in Gatefold-Sleeve

We have no idea of what the title of the new Larsen album means. Things concerning these four from Torino (Italy) are always kind of elusive, anyways. "SeieS" is Larsen's fifth full length and work on it began when they were recording Play for Important. However, where Play was Larsen's most orchestrated-ambient work so far, "SeieS" tends to be quite a bit more song oriented. If the palindrome title suggests that this is an album with two opposite souls then the truth lies in the albums dichotomized sounds. Tracks like The Snow, Haula and Marzia are Larsen's most sinister (and recent) compositions, disturbing soundscapes that would fit very well a David Lynch movie. Marzia catches Larsen experimenting with slow industrial-dub rhythm, side to side with the master of gloomy ambient and soundtracks Brian Williams a.k.a Lustmord.
The remaining tracks of "SeieS" were the first recorded for this album and, conversely, sport light and releasing moods within the "classical" droning sound of the band. These tracks feature female vocals thanks to the the ex-Swans chanteuse Jarboe. Also outstanding on SeieS is the work of Larsen's beloved cello player and long time collaborator Julia Kent (of Antony and The Johnsons), contributing substantially to Larsen's hypnotizing sound.


HAFLER TRIO (w/ Jónsi Birgisson) - "Exactly As I Am"

imprec066 | 2CD

"Exactly As I Am" is the 3rd and final release in The Hafler Trio's collaborative series with Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros. Like the first two in the series Exactly As I Am is a double full length release and is comprised of all new material recorded in May/June of 2005. "Exactly As I Am" is lavishly packaged in a special die cut oversized package printed on two different types of parchment, meant to imitate small editions of French poetry ca. 1900. The Hafler Trio's Voice Series has already included Blixa Bargeld of Einsturzende Neubauten and David Tibet of Current 93.

PIANO MAGIC - "Incurable"

imprec090 | CD - EP

World-exclusive to Important Records, a new 4 track EP of brand new material from London's Piano Magic. In stark contrast to last winter's Opencast Heart EP (also on Important), Incurable brings to mind the mid-80's 4AD Records ethereal romanticism of This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. It's a glacially produced, though spiritually warm, set of songs which evoke beautiful, though bleak, European Winter landscapes, lost causes and broken hearts. "Incurable" features guest vocals from Angele David-Guillou of Klima, recently signed to the esteemed Peacefrog label (Jose Gonzalez, Nouvelle Vague) and who is currently recording her debut album with producer Guy Fixsen (Laika, My Bloody Valentine). Piano Magic are a living advertisement for the Entente Cordiale. Though based in London, 4 of the group are French and this intercultural exchange of creative perspectives has resulted in some of the most beautiful, evocative and romantic music of the past 10 years. Though unashamedly "underground" in Britain, Piano Magic have amassed a grandiose, devout following across Europe and the States amongst tortured souls and lonely librarians. Their most recent album, Disaffected (Darla), received high praise in Mojo, Uncut and The Wire, amongst others. The group were instrumental in coaxing 70's folk legend, Vashti Bunyan, out of retirement recently and have additionally collborated with the likes of Low, Cornershop and Tarwater.

I Have Moved Into The Margins
Lights Go On At 3

THE MAJOR STARS - "Syntoptikon"

imprec089 | CD

"Syntoptikon" features the new lineup of the Major Stars now with a third guitarist added for extra heavyness. How you ask did such massive riffage come about? Here's the back story. The Major Stars played their most recent tour of the USA in May of 2003 and returned in June to make their definitive studio record, and then headed to NYC a week later to record the Live In Europa split LP with Comets On Fire. Unexpectedly, they layed low for for the next eighteen months, losing longtime drummer Dave Lynch along the way and ending up with an empty bassman spot when Tom Leonard joined Kate Village and Wayne Rogers in the guitar frontline. In this unraveling of sorts, Major Stars mach two starting to come together. Casey Keenan (drummer-turned-guitarist of local pop heros Carlisle Sound) was roped into resuming his place behind the drumkit. Dave Dougan, already a veteran of the band as bass understudy (he was the unfamiliar figure on stage at their Terrastock '02 performance), returned to claim the position permanently. The new sextet is completed by the arrival of lead singer Sandra Barrett, formerly of local art-punk legends LA Drugs. By the time Major Stars 4 finally appears to universal acclaim in April 2005, the new band is awake and pummeling the locals with renewed fervor.
"Synoptikon" is the newer, heavier Major Stars who have been dumping amp loads of heft upon Boston stages and now they're bringing it to your home audio system. A record like this just wouldn't sound right on your dumpy little mp3 player

Black Road

THE ELECTRIC GHOSTS - "Daniel Johnston & Jack Medicine"

imprec081 | CD

2006 is sure to be a big year for Daniel Johnston. A Sony Pictures documentary of his life is being released internationally on March 31st and it is currently in the final stages of being chosen for an Academy Award nomination. His fanbase has, once again, swolen substantially and gallery showings of his artwork in the US and in Europe are establishing him as a highly collectable physical artist. The Electric Ghosts is a side project that Daniel and his tour manager/Hyperjinx Tricycle bandmate created while on the road touring America, playing shows and searching for salvation.

Sweetheart (Frito Lay)
Row Boat
Blue Skies Will Haunt You From Now On

SLOMO - "The Creep"

imprec085 | CD

"The Creep" by Slomo is one 60-minute length track packaged in a deluxe Important Records gatefold cardboard jacket printed on both sides with two custom inserts by Slomo. "The Creep" was originally released on Julian Cope's Fuck Off And Di label in a limited edition of 100 which sold out instantly. Since, it's quickly gained massive underground status after being propped up by the likes of Sunn O))) and The Wire.

The Creep

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