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Neues von Old Europa Cafe

Neues von Old Europa Cafe
Noch bis Ende März will der Einzelkämpfer aus Pordenone nicht weniger als acht Tonträger (von Sleeping Pictures, Panzar, Lonsai Maikov vs. Dissonant Elephant, S.Q.E., Post Contempory Corporation, Nocturne, Circus Joy und The Growing Crystals Lab) und eine Reihe Musik- und Snuff-DVD-Rs (wieder-)veröffentlichen.

Aus dem Rundschreiben der Plattenfirma:


OECD 077 SLEEPING PICTURES - Many Hands Should Throw Stones CD
Many Hands Should Throw Stones is the eagerly awaited follow up to Sleeping Pictures’ debut Nether
which was described by critics as “A rare alchemy of melancholy and bitterness”.
The twelve new compositions which make up the new release take the sounds of the first album into
new and different territories
bringing to the album a range of new influences and ideas.
Whilst retaining the acoustic feel of Nether Edge on a few of the songs, Sleeping Pictures’ music
writer Gary Parsons
has brought a selection of new sonic arrangements to this album.
This includes sombre piano pieces, experimental soundscapes and an expansion upon the electric
guitar work hinted at on their previous release.
The lyrics of vocalist Marc Blackie have also began to explore new themes whilst retaining his
characteristic bleakness.
With traces of dark humour he explores the conditions of modern life, love, sexuality and religion.
Moreover Sleepig Pictures musicians was collaborating with Sol Invictus & to the forthcoming Lark
Blames album (to be released on OEC, stay tuned !)
this album is an essential purchase for those who have followed the work of the band to date and
also those keen to discover
new and diverse music within the noir genre.

OECD 078 PANZAR – Prototypon CD
OEC was since ever the home for the more harsh & batteling Peter Andersson aka Raison D'etre side
projects !
OEC was releaseing the debut Stratvm Terrror CD & 2 other very acclaimed ST followers ...
Now we like to go with this new disc by Peter which will be the very last one for his other "harsh"
project : "Panzar" !
World War II has ended and so will Panzar ....
Including a unique live performance from the hot summer desert war 2005
and a number of early prototypes never released before.
Also included is a Panzar hit re-mix of the FOLKSTORM track ’Victory of Death’ !!!
’Pratotypon’ contains all you need: harsh and growling electronic sounds, distorted and transformed
danger and blood from the battlefield. Comes in jewel case with artwork filled with early tanks.
If you have a CD-player in your armoured vehicle this is the definite music to play, or why not :
"buy a TANK !"

After 6 years of silence finally we maneged to produce the Long awaited come-back album by LONSAI
for this release joining force with DISSONANT ELEPHANT (both projects featured on the legendary
compilation "Mystteria Mithrae" by Athanor).
Their new common album is an exposition of the Dark side of the Spiritual travel in the world.
A Shamanic travel, an extra-corporal musical inner travel, not ecstatic but a meditating one …
even if everything has two face, two side and different degrees, and so implies also some violent
The "esosymphonic pop-folk" has been completed by more electronic rough sounds and dark ambient
martial sounds …
"Thee Darkening ov Powers" has been a long work of meditation, writing and composition, paradox of
meditation …
elaborating sounds that reflects our thoughts and deeds about the Real Religious and Spiritual
History of the World has we know it …
from the Claws of Fenriz to the Exaltation of the Cross, from the Wud to the Wonderful Christian
Mysteries containing all things by the practice of
via negativa and via affirmativa.
Musically and spiritually we want to fulfill our "mission" in a christian way and without any
syncretism making sound
and vibrate the great northern figures as anticipation of the Kingdom of the Logos and the Paraclet.

To tell the Truth : composing odes and hymns to an other restoration of the same and eternal REGNUM

This place us, musicians – trobadors in the line of the northern initiation intimated linked to the
antient poetry, and stay alive in the Christian initiation of Chivalry !
The tree is inverted but still we have to climb. We must pass through the darkness of being, the
inferior, the most exterior state of being to conquer the highest,
but in these Dark ages, the time we are living, our most external lives are already the darkest
stages. … Et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt !"
As we like to say, this is best quality "Neo Pop'n'Folk" !
Jewel-box, large booklet with all songs texts

OECD 080 S.Q.E. - The Rise of the Vulcans CD
Out of the abyss but not out of the darkness.
Electro-acoustic production interwoven with heavy rhythms, minimal songwriting, ominous vocals and
neatly placed in a vacuum,
high quality recordings & sounds which have their roots into neo pop'n'folk, dark ambient,
dubbing-drones ...
This is the 2nd full length release from NY based artist J Greco.
Sometimes aggressive, and other times distant, but without loosing continuity.
Featuring vocals from Tracy Jeffrey (Orchis), Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus), and Kris Force (Amber
and featuring additional collaborations with Ure Thrall (Asianova / Voice of Eye), and Alan Trench
Standard Jewel-case

Finally the long awited Post Contemporary Corporation (P.C.C.) debut album will see the light
with a collaborative production by 3 Italian labels : Musica di un Certo Livello / Misty Circles /
Old Evropa Cafe .
Founders of PCC are the ex giutarist of "Disciplinatha" Dario Parisini, the electronic composer Luca
Oleastri & the histionic front-man Valerio Zekkini !
PCC are a very unique project in the Italian but in the international musical scene, the force of
their texts, in exclusive Italian and Spanish language,
which are declaimed in form of modern sermons by Mr. Zekkini, full of eversive sexuality &
sulfureous satire,
with many references to the Italian Futurist movement (the Marinetti Futurist manifesto is here
becoming the text for one track !)
are a war declaration to all day life and morality of our ages !
Sounds are ranging from agressive psychedelic to pop to electronic-dance & experimentation with some
touches of post-industrialism ...
Surely "Gerarchia Ordine Disciplina" will explode as one of the more powerfull attempts during the
year ! Be advised ...
for some more infos on PPC visit : http://pccorp.altervista.org/
Standard Jewel-case .

OECD 082 NOCTURNE - Terroriser Manipuler Conveincre CD
Concept album builded arround the figure of Doctor "Mabuse" the anti-hero of Norbert Jacques's
the genius of crime and chaos, the genius of finance in a slow falling world in the first part of
1900 ...
Slow moving tracks reminding to a world brocken by First World War .
Very industrial concept using analog instrumentation mixed up to sounds from the beginning of the
last century
and many samples in German language taken from the legenadry movie as well as french vocals ...
A new masteripiece by the French cultural-terrorism organisation "Art Shock" !
Oversized 7" cover plus inserts


OECDR 015 CIRCUS JOY - Improvvisa Azione Paganini CDR
6 studio tracks + their devastinhg live versions ending with the Velvet cover "Run, run, run"
translated into italian !
Re-edition of the legendary recordings previously out on the Nekofutschata Vinyl box in 2002 as a
very limited edition ...
New Punk'n'Pop / Anti Neo-Folk sounds by this uncompromising Roman band which includes Clau DEDI and
features as guests Spectre and Steve Stroll of Ain Soph + many other great Roman scene musicians !
Do like the Romans do : "Corri, corri, corri ..."
Profesionally printed CDR numbered on CD label and limited to 250 copies,
oversized 7" folding cover with typical Circus Joy Neo-Egyptian design !

OECDR 015 THE GROWING CRYSTALS LAB - Science Discoveries 3" Mini CDR
"The Growing Crystals Lab" was/is the line-up for the latest DBPIT live sets, including :
Flavio DBPIT - winds, trumpet, noise
Annaconsuelo - vocals, percussions
Mario F.O.B. of Circus Joy - guitar
Steve Stroll of Ain Soph & Circus Joy - drums
The tracks on this album are 4 live-in-studio free improvisations choosed as the best tracks from a
longer session recorded at Gatto Alieno Studios !
The title of this album shows that this is a real peeoneeristic experiment as the 4 mebers of the
band was never playing together before this session ...
The final result is a series of very ellegant & jazzy post-industrial, scientific & alien
discoveries !
Profesionally printed 3" mini CDR numbered on CD label and limited to 150 copies,
special cardboard box including test-tubes with very dangerous "alien" substances for your own
"alien" experiments ....
"attenti al gatto alieno !"


We finaly managed to re-edit into digital format the 3 "Macrocephalous Compost" video compilations !
Probably the best Visual-document on the industrial scene of the early 90'es !

Featuring : Archon Satani, Smell & Quim, Inzekt, C.C.C.C., Oral Constitution, Maeror Tri, Eb.Er
(Runzelstirn & Gurgleststok),
Inanna, Con-Dom, Genocide Organ, S. Biasin + Lvnvs, K.D.N.R., The Haters.
Professionaly printed DVDr housed in DVD-Box.
Plays on all DVD players !

Featuring : Atrax Morgue, Ain Soph, Big City Orchestra, Sshe retina Stimulants, Iugula-Thor, Aube,
Hex Minora,
Illusion of Safety, Archon Satani, Konstruktivists, Advokat Ihrer Hoheit, MK u.l.t.r.a., Songs of
the New Erotics,
Black Leather Jesus, Raison D'etre, True Romance (Merzbow).
Professionaly printed DVDr housed in DVD-Box.
Plays on all DVD players !

featuring : Deutsch Nepal, Thirdorgan, Shin, Sigillum S, Batchas, Allerseelen, Contagious Orgasm,
Deca, Endvra, Richard Ramirez,
AMK, Crawl Unit, Alio Die, Shinjuku Filth, Marcello Fraioli (Ain Soph), Death Squad, Murder
Corporation, Incapacitants
Professionaly printed DVDr housed in DVD-Box.
Plays on all DVD players !

OEC has also maneged to go for the release of an extreme / snuff video :

OEDVD 005 RICHARD RAMIREZ - Nature's Afterbirth DVDr
Live video footage mixed up to extreme GAY SM/BD SNUFF footage !
extreme industrial-noise ! only for extreme people !!!
not for purists : this is something only for rotten people !
Professionaly printed DVDr housed in DVD-Box.
Plays on all DVD players !

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