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26-11-2005, 14:05 | Roy L.

Allerseelen :: Edelweiss CD


AORCD15 / Ahnstern 15 | DigiPak CD
14.12.2005 | 8,90 Euro

Cordon Dorado
Ein ganzes Jahr
Gondellied (Gaya)
Ob auch mein Herz so funkelt
Marques de Pubol (Rosa)
Sonne golthi-ade (Josef)
Caja de Pandora (Rosa)
Vino e cuore (Gaya)
Canco de Somni (Rosa)
Sturmlied (Josef)
La despedida (Rosa)
Gletscherlicht (M. Percht)
Mit fester Hand

The ALLERSEELEN CD EDELWEISS is a beautiful fold-out digipak edition in a collaboration of the Austrian labels Aorta (AORCD11) and Ahnstern (Ahnstern 15). It is available at a special price: Euro 10 inclusive postage by sea mail when ordered directly from Aorta or Ahnstern.

These industrial folklore songs were written and recorded in the first five years of the twenty-first century. The Catalan songs "Caja de Pandora" and "La despedida" were recorded by Rosa for CIRCE and are published here with kind permission of Rosa. The Catalan remixes of the songs "Canço de somni" and "Marques de Pubol" were recorded by Rosa and Demian for ALLERSEELEN. The Italian vocals for the songs "Vino e cuore" and "Gondellied" were recorded by Gaya. The German vocals on "Sonne golthi-ade" and Sturmlied were recorded by Josef for ALLERSEELEN. All the recordings were digitally remastered by M.Presch close to the holy mountains of Berchtesgaden.
These songs are a bunch of beautiful and wild Edelweiß flowers growing in the mountains of Austria, Bavaria, Catalunya, Italy, white flowers that love solitude and wilderness,white fur flowers that love the stars and stones living close to heaven, close to Glaesisvellir.
The mountain photographs were taken by Gerhard in the Berchtesgadener
Alpen and in the Sextener Dolomiten.
This compact disc is dedicated to the Edelweiß unter den Mädchen. It is also dedicated to all those who are and have been my comrades in the mountains and on stage.


Stimme: Gaya, Rosa, Gerhard, Josef, M.Percht
Songwriting: Gerhard
Gestaltung: M.Presch, Gerhard

Vorbestellungen bitte an Ahnstern (Steinklang) oder Aorta.

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