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30-10-2005, 22:33 |

Fire in the Head - As the Nest burns

Heute erscheint über Autarkeia As the Nest burns des amerikanischen Projektes Fire in the Head. Es folgt der Newsletter von Autarkeia.

Fire in the Head - As the Nest burns
“Fire In The Head” is probably one of the garish artists of “noise/power
electronics”, representing the famous school of the USA. The project’s
author Michael Page previously participated at live performances of the
legendary Giovanni Balistrer’s project SLOGUN, also closely linked to the
livery of NY sound terrorists. “As The Nest Burns” is short, but highly
hysterical, brutal and dark album of “noise/power electronics” stylistics.
Michael Page masterly plays with amplitude of different tracks intension.
Slackened, leaden, psychedelic sounds overgrow into the avalanche of
terribly aggressive and hysterical noise, gradually flooding back as unusual
and uncomfortable sound stream. “As The Nest Burns” is a sort of element of
otherworld civilization, starting its sudden extension, transformation and
smashing attack. There are many fragments of distorted vocal in this album,
making the tracks especially threatful. This is a completely new, reformed
attack of USA “power electronics” tradition against the normal and moral
world. Do you know what happens as the nest burns??? Then the children
burn!!! Written by Lashisa.

"As The Nest Burns” is an album about the darkest depths of psychosis, about
the delusions and actions over which one has no control when entrenched in a
manic state and the nightmares from which some never awaken. It is an album
born in the blackest of times, to be listened to in the blackest of times.
With this recording F/I/T/H experiments with new arsenal of sounds and
techniques adding a heavily psychedelic edge to his mix of noise/power
electronics/drone. These are the straight-jacketed screams from the bowels
of a mental institution. Written by Michael Page.

Album's tracks listing:

1. Your Loss Of Innocence Is My Only Sustenance
2. Machine Gun Bodhisattva
3. One Last Sunset
4. As The Nest Burns
5. Until She Bleeds
6. Loss Of Balance
7. Wasp Storm

Album lasts for 33 min.32 sec. We recommend you to listen to “As The Nest
Burns” only on Hi-fi stereo. Limited edition 400 copies.

Price 13 euro.


Orders wellcome: mailorder@autarkeia.org

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