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05-10-2005, 15:34 | Roy L.

Neues Album von Wermut

WERMUT - "Anna"

PP012 | DigiPak CD | limitiert auf 1000 Kopien

Anfang November

Tide I
Vague à L'Âme
Tide II
Till Sjöss
Thetis' Wrath
Tide III
In Tiefster Nacht
Tide IV

The third album of post-apocalyptic minimal electro twosome WERMUT tells the story of Anna, a wooden Colin Archer yacht, which was build in the late 70s by Reiner and Petra, out of the desperate need to seek beyond their horizons. The cherished boat would lead them on a magic three-year-long journey to Scandinavia, Ireland, over the Atlantic and back. A tale of passion, of revelation, of freedom …but also of loneliness and introspection. WERMUT and their guest musicians HIS DIVINE GRACE and FRL. TOST give us the soundtrack to this outer and inner quest. A soothing mixture of acoustic music, electro-wave anthems and “fall on your knees”-ambient, this much awaited first CD combines magnificently both the folk and retro-electro influences of “Les cinq-à-sept post-néoistes” (OEC) and “Hoffnung” (Treue um Treue).
A conceptual, melancholic and visionary new album from a band which defies all labelling.

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WERMUT werden übrigens am 26.11.2005 im Alten Gut, Jena zu sehen sein. Für weitere Informationen: hirnholz76 [at] yahoo.de 

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