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03-06-2005, 20:56 | Archivar

Allerseelen Interview

Ein aktuelles Allerseelen Interview!

Autor: Axel


"(..) Haus Atlantis in Bremen has now another close and infamous connection to Allerseelen - on January 29th, 2005, the adventurous hearts of Allerseelen wanted to perform in the Haus Atlantis which is still existing but having another, quite boring facade now. It is now a hotel owned by Hilton. I was travelling there with my bassist and drummers but two days before the event there was a large press article against the evil group Allerseelen trying to perform in the centre of Bremen. So the Hilton Hotel cancelled the contract as this live performance could cause disadvantages for the reputation of the house. Of course they should have been grateful to have such a group performing there. (..)"
Quelle Raunend

Diverse Allerseelen Konzerte in Ungarn, Italien, Polen, Portugal, Russland und in der Schweiz sind übrigens in Vorbereitung.

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