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Blood Axis Neuigkeiten

Neuigkeiten des immerfort produktiven Duos Annabel Lee & Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis)
Autor: Dominik Tischleder

Nach erfolgreichen Jahren 2003 und 2004 - die deutsche Veröffentlichung von "Lords Of Chaos", verlegt von Prophecy, war die zweit erfolgreichste Veröffentlichung eines Neu-Verlages in Deutschland, Mr. Moynihan musste sich allein dem legendären Rallyefahrer Walter Röhrl geschlagen geben, der 2003 seine Memoiren ebenfalls in einem neugegründeten Eigenverlag veröffentlichte - kann es nun 2005 genauso erfolgreich weitergehen. Wer weiß, was die nahe und ferne Zukunft noch für Überraschungen für uns bereithält...

Bei der Gelegenheit noch der Hinweis auf eine neue interessante Homepage:

Écrasez l'infâme!


--Come Celebrate Black Easter in New York with Blood Axis

--Factrix is Julian Cope’s "Album of the Month"

--New Dominion title available soon: "Confessions of a Radical

--Issue 15 of Rûna now available:


Come Celebrate Black Easter in New York with Blood Axis:

On Sunday, March 27th, Blood Axis will be making an ultra-rare
appearance at a special concert event hosted by Tesco USA. Also
appearing will be the seminal apocalyptic folk band Changes and NYC’s
own Dream Into Dust. This may be the first and last chance to see Blood
Axis live on the East Coast and promises to be fine evening. There will
also be video previews and other audio-visual delights.

More information and advance tickets are available from Tesco:



Factrix is Julian Cope’s "Album of the Month":

The talented, ever-industrious musician and author Julian Cope has just
made Factrix’s classic recording "Scheintot" the Album of the Month on
his popular website www.headheritage.com . Formerly of The Teardrop
Explodes, the "Arch Drude"Cope has recorded numerous solo albums and is
also the author of two remarkable books on European megalithic sites,
"The Modern Antiquarian" and "The Megalithic European". Both are highly
recommended. For the "Unsung Album of the Month" Cope selects a seminal
but obscure album and provides a long impressionistic review of the
work. His selection of Factrix is inspired by the Storm Records
retrospective "Artifact", which contains the entire "Scheintot" album
on the first disc of a double-CD set. The Album of the Month page can
be found at:


The "Artifact" retrospective is available in the USA from
www.tesco-distro.com, or in Germany from www.tesco-germany.com.


New Dominion title available soon: "Confessions of a Radical

Due out in early April is the new Dominion book, "Confessions of a
Radical Traditionalist: Essays by John Michell". This 376-page
compendium includes 108 brilliant essays by author and philosopher
John Michell, an expert on Earth Mysteries, sacred numbers and
geometry, Fortean phenomena, and traditional neoplatonic philosophy.
The texts have been selected and introduced by esoteric scholar
Joscelyn Godwin. The book is clothbound with full-color dustjacket and
beautifully typeset. More details will be sent out shortly.

Advance orders may be sent for $35 postpaid in the USA, or $40 to the
rest of the world, payable in check or money order (or cash at your
risk) to:

PO Box 129
Waterbury Center, VT 05677

Paypal orders may also be sent to our email address.


Issue 15 of Rûna now available:

Issue 15 of the respected "Northern Mysteries" journal Rûna is
available from Dominion. This issue contains articles by Thierry Jolif
on "The Cernunnons Mystery", Paul Fosterjohn on "Völsungadrekkr II",
Michael Sangster on The Lord of the Rings, Michael Moynihan on Fritz
Lang’s "Nibelungen" films, an interview with Nigel Pennick, and much

Single copies are available for $8 postpaid in the USA/Can.

The following back issues are also available: Issues 10, 11, 13 and 14.
Single back issues are also $8 postpaid, two issues for $15 postpaid,
or three issues for $21 postpaid. Four issues are $28 postpaid, and
five issues are $35 postpaid.

Please reserve back issues by email before sending payment, as some are
in limited supply.

Please send check or money order payable to DOMINION. Cash may be sent
at your own risk -- please hide it well or use registered mail. Prices
are postpaid as noted. Send orders to:

PO Box 129,
Waterbury Center, VT 05677

Paypal orders may also be sent to our email address.

(Europeans should order Rûna direct from the publisher:
Rûna c/o BM: Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX, ENGLAND.)

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