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24-05-2019, 15:11 | Michael We.

CYCLIC LAW mit neuem Tochterlabel

CYCLIC LAW hat heute ein neues Tochterlabel angekŘndigt, inklusive erster Ver÷ffentlichung. Hier der Wortlaut:

New Label Launch

Today we are gladly launching a long envisioned project, a new label under the name AESTHETICAL. This new platform will focus on the more rhythmic and experimental side of electronic music. CYCLIC LAW will remain unchanged and will continue itĺs mission of releasing high quality Ambient Industrial Soundscapes it is known for.

Our first title is by French electronic musician FRANCK VIGROUX.

Franck VigrouxĹs music is comprised of tectonic tension, sparse rhythmic structures and electronic textures while applying his own calculated personal signature in his continuance of sonic exploration. He performs and records consistently and has collaborated with many musicians such as Mika Vainio, Reinhold Friedl, Elliott Sharp, Joey Baron, Zeena Parkins, and Ars nova ensemble instrumental. Vigroux conducts and designs trans-disciplinary audiovisual performances alongside visual artists, regularly working with the likes of Antoine Schmitt and Kurt dĺHaeseleer.


New full length album by Franceĺs most singular contemporary composer. Reflecting on ancient cultureĺs use and reverence for emblematic monuments which most often represent myths and stories, the albumĺs narrative has been infused with such symbolic and depicts an envisioned mythology, unfolding through itĺs 10 aural pieces. Franck VigrouxĹs music is  unique and comprised of tectonic tension, pulsating rhythms and abrasive analog textures like few can produce. Applying his own calculated personal signature in his sonic explorations his distinctiveness comes not only by his unique approach to sound but also by his incorporation of new media practices and performing arts into his A/V work. Mastering by Denis Blackham.

Double Vinyl Edition of 500 copies in matt laminated Gatefold Sleeve.
10 Tracks. Running Time 55:10. UPC:0694536562578

CD Edition of 500 copies in matt laminated 4 panel Digipak. 
10 Tracks. Running Time 55:10. UPC:0694536562585

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