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05-06-2017, 14:56 | Michael We.

DAVID TIBET arbeitet an Album

DAVID TIBET arbeitet (als CURRENT 93) an einem neuen Album namens "Red". Die Infos sind wie immer bei TIBETs Ankündigungen kryptisch, aber immerhin gibt es einen kurzen Teaser zum Hören (unten):

Dear Shepherds and Shepherdesses:


RED Sky At Night, Shepherd’s DELIGHT
RED Sky In The Morning, Shepherd’s WARNING

St. Matthew: XVI: 2, 3


David has been writing the new C93 album for the last 3 years, and has now begun recording it with Reinier van Houdt and Andrew Liles.

He has also been creating the artwork which will surround the album, and adding The Signs in The Stars.

It is RED. It tells a RED story, unlike any other story.

For the first time, C93 will be using a Funding Site for this hallucinatory and sidereal journey, with many beautiful and elaborate items to be offered.

Please come and see our FirstGhostFilm at C93CHANNEL. And you shall begin to follow the PATH through the FOREST and penetrate the MAZE and ascend the HILL and passing through the BARN enter the HOUSE and gaze at the CASTLE.

David Tibet, Feast Day of St. Marcian, June 5 2017, Hastings.

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