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30-03-2017, 15:42 | Michael We.

APOPTOSE mit Re-Release auf TESCO (+ Bonustrack)

15 Jahre nach Erscheinen kommt ein Re-Release von APOPTOSE: "Blutopfer" wird auf Vinyl neu aufgelegt, mit einem Bonustrack. Hier die Labelinfos von TESCO:

Blutopfer is back - for the first time on vinyl! In 2017 we celebrate the long overdue return of Apoptose's second album which originally surfaced in 2002. In the 15 years since its release, Blutopfer has become a classic album of the industrial/ritual-music genre. It combines raw ambient electronics with drumming footage of the Easter processions in the village of Calanda in Aragón, Spain. This album is still unique in its attitude and effect. A "must have" that has been unavailable for quite a while.

Now, the Blutopfer LP edition brings back all the emotions and even more. The sound was remastered with great care to wake the spirits hidden in the tremendous drums. The LP comes in new artwork with liner notes by both industrial music legend Jordi Valls of Vagina Dentata Organ and Apoptose. So even fans who know the album by heart will be able to discover new aural and visual facets. While the original CD was made of purple plastic to mimic a colour vinyl LP, here is the real thing: the LP is pressed on drummer robe violet vinyl in an edition of 300 copies. Included is a free download code for a special 8-track digital version. It features a bonus track, recorded in 2016 with original source material that hadn't been used before.

ltd. 300 violet vinyl comes with printed innersleeves and spotvarnished cover.


01. Apotropaion (9:40)
02. Blutopfer (5:00)
03. In die Nacht (5:32)
04. Zu Füßen der Mutter (5:49)
05. Prozession der Augen (12:37)
06. Calanda (6:23)
07. Zuflucht (5:59)
add. track available with the Download Code:
08. Ein Wiedersehen (5:58)

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