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01-01-2017, 15:17 | Michael We.

Raritńten von BOYD RICE / NON auf VOD

Auf VINYL ON DEMAND erscheint eine 5-LP-Box mit Raritäten von BOYD RICE und NON (lim. 400 Stück). Hier die Labelinfos:

VOD149: Boyd Rice / NON  Archival Rarities 1975-1981 (5Lp-Box)  ltd. 400 w. 12 page lp-sized Booklet 79,99 Euro

These archival rarities of Boyd Rice and NON constitute a kind of lost chapter in the early history of Boyd Rice and NON.  Most hasn’t been heard in 35 or 40 years or wasn’t even remembered by the artist anymore.  A few were only recently rediscovered after having gone missing for the last several decades.  The lion's share of this material is being released here for the very first (and perhaps last) time ever. Find out why early critics considered NON to be the loudest, noisiest, most minimal group ever to set foot on stage in a rock venue.

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