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16-07-2016, 18:18 | Michael We.

Vinyl-Single von SOL INVICTUS

SOL INVICTUS veröffentlichen zwei neue Songs im August, exklusiv zum Fest ihres Labels PROPHECY. Hier die Infos:

As with their two latest albums, which were heralded by the singles "The Bad Luck Bird" and "Mr Cruel", Neofolk spearheads Sol Invictus, led for 29 years now by the incomparable and cynical Tony Wakeford, let us glimpse at their next record "Necropolis" (release date tba.) by means of another seven inch: "The Last Man"

The single's a-side with its catchy rhythm and vocal line is a potential Sol Invictus live classic, yet succeeds in adding a new dimension to the group's sound cosmos by incorporating a full choir. The b-side, "Your Master's Voice", is an exemplary Sol Invictus track and exclusive to this single.

As always, Tony Wakeford explains the core of the title song in his very own way: "'The Last Man' is an echo from dead London. The bells of London gossip amongst the smog of capitalism and industry. A child's nursery rhyme accompanied by booming bass and thudding drums. In one hand a candle to light you to bed, in the other a chopper to cut off your head. Now close your eyes and choose."

Release date: 12.08.2016

The single will be available at Prophecy Fest 2016 exclusively already.

1. The Last Man
2. Your Master's Voice

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