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04-05-2016, 08:21 | Michael We.


MICHAEL IDEHALL veröffentlicht auf zwei kooperierenden Labeln - BELÄTEN und ANT-ZEN - eine neue CD, hier die Infos:

New CD by Michael Idehall; No Man's Land 

In collaboration with Ant-zen, we are honored to give you a brand new album by Michael Idehall.

With No Man's Land the exceptional Swedish artist Michael Idehall opens another chapter in his self-defined history of seancetronica - a musical genre based on traditional dark industrial in combination with experimental electronics, tight rhythmic settings and intensely vocalized song structures. 

Idehall's repetitive, tautologous compositions create a dreamy, otherwordly atmosphere with a paralyzing, hypnotic impact and a supremely ceremonious feel. Pounding funereal beats and dominating sub bass drones build a solid foundation for this album's work, supplemented by abrasive, distorted synth textures and deep, ghostly vocal incantations. 

A masterwork of a release, showcasing Michael Idehall's outstanding position in contemporary industrial music. Ant-zen and Beläten invite you to visit No Man's Land' - easy to enter, but hard to leave.

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