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14-01-2016, 19:52 | Michael We.

S.P.K. mit 7 LPs auf VINYL ON DEMAND

VINYL ON DEMAND (VOD) veröffentlicht unter anderem 7 LPs von S.P.K. - hier die Labeldetails:

VOD143 SPK „Dokument 1979-83“ 7Lp/7inch-Set w. 16 p. booklet  159,99 €
SPK is an Australian industrial band formed in 1978 in Sydney by Graeme Revell and Neil Hill.
By 1983 the band was joined by other artists such as SInan Revell, Brian 'Lustmord' Williams, John Murphy, Karel Van Bergen, Mike Wilkins, James Pinker.
Without any doubt S.P.K.'s early stage from 78 to first half of 1983 and its releases such as Information Overload and Leichenschrei can be considered as ground-breaking and protagonistic for a whole industrial-music-movement to come.
SPK can be considered as influencial as other Industrial-Super-Groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Clock DVA or Cabaret Voltaire and there is no way to come-around this band when talking about the Industrial-Music-Movement.
This deluxe Book-like-folder in outer Holder 7Lp plus 7inch Box-Set combines all of their early works and the bands-history prior to Graeme Revell signing to WEA and to go a slightly different path and more commercial with the band's musical output. 
LP1 Information Overload Unit (1980)
LP2    The 7"inch Tracks (1979-1981)
LP3 Leichnschrei (1982)
LP4 Backing-Tracks for Leichenschrei (1982)
LP5   Other Studio and Compilation-Tracks (1982-1983)
LP6A  London Heaven 31.10. 1982 (Mixing desk master)
LP6B  Tracks from London Electric Ballroom 26.April 1983 (Audience Copy)
LP7 Backing-Tracks for Electric Ballroom and Brixton Ace Show 
BONUS 7inch 
Detailed Tracklist avaiable on VOD-Website in Shop

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