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12-10-2015, 10:18 | Michael We.

Fotobuch zum menschlichen K÷rper auf CYCLIC LAW

CYCLIC LAW veröffentlich ein neues Fotobuch von KRIST MORT, in dem es um Lebensabschnitte des menschlichen Körpers geht. Hier die Labelinfos:

Available November 16 2015 Through Cyclic Press.

KRIST MORT “Tera” Book

New volume by Austrian analog photographer KRIST MORT. Following her highly acclaimed “Inlumaeh” Book where we saw a more chronological overview of the general aesthetics of her past body of work, she now presents us “Tera”, a more focused conceptual photographic exploration of the primal origins the human body. Six chapters take us through the cycles of birth and decay, portraying bodies as more abstract shapes turning into desolate landscapes. Bodies rooted in earth, evolving to their intend forms to eventually decay and disintegrate to their origins, back to soil. A poignant metaphor on life and death and the universe’s governing cycles, uniquely rendered through her very particular photographic eye.

Limited Edition of 300 copies. 128 pages. Hardcover with Blind Debossing on a light grey natural cardboard. Special Lay flat binding. 18x24cm, Matte Finish. A Cyclic Press Publication.

First 40 copies will include a signed print of of selected works form the book.

ISBN 978-0-9938651-2-1

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